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An Evergarden Of Tears: A Look Into Violet Evergarden

An Evergarden Of Tears: A Look Into Violet Evergarden

When I sat down to watch Violet Evergarden, I was just a bored college student trying to procrastinate doing my homework.

I never knew that I would be going on a emotional rollercoaster of discovering humanity and going through an entire box of tissues. Without spoiling anything this story is about a girl named Violet who is injured fighting in a long war and her journey to understand the message her major gives her. Her journey leads her to work as a Auto-Memory Doll writing letters for many different  people.

Violet looking at her hand

Lets talk Animation.

It seems all of the parts of the show work together to create an experience.  Its animation style is a combination of 2D with well integrated 3D animation. Like any show there were a few frames here and there that looked a little off. Overall this doesn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the show. The choices in direction  guide the story with very fluid movements and episodes.

Violet being hugged

What about Violet Evergarden?

While Violet herself isn’t the most emotive character to exist, that is all apart of her charm.  You can find a little piece of yourself in Violet. In real life, our experiences help us grow. The people we interact with play a big role in that. The show reflects that. It uses the other characters to help build Violet’s. This is not to say that the other characters are just fillers or plot devices. They are side characters but each character gets their time to shine. While the main plot is about Violet and her journey we get a encompassing picture of the world around her.

Violet grows because of the world  surrounding her and the show reflects as such. Violet isn’t finished growing by the last episode. The shows main themes are about humanity and being human,and  in reality people are constantly changing and growing. So it make sense that in the end Violet still has bit more growing to do. The last episode leave you wanting more the best possible way. The character are interesting enough to make you want to see more them without the show feeling incomplete.

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Violet walking down a street near a river

To Cry or Not To Cry

To be honest, I cried. There was a moment in every episode that made me at least tear up if not reach for the tissues. College is hard and this show reminded me about some simple beauties of life. Watching Violet grow and learn about her own emotions was a reminder. There is so many things we take for granted and we don’t even realize that we are. Sometime we need a reminder to slow down, and show will come out a do just that. Violet Evergarden, at least for me was that show.

The beauty of Violet Evergarden is that its a reminder about humanity. Which is something we all need to appreciate more.

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