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Anarkee Shows Us How She Pushes Boundaries With Her Own Black Girl Magic

Anarkee Shows Us How She Pushes Boundaries With Her Own Black Girl Magic

Anarkee brings you influential, anime-loving, makeup-reviewing, DIY grunge-to-soft black girl realness!

Anarkee has been a prominent influencer for a few years now and has achieved quite a lot in that time! She has been featured by many major brands for her creatively glam artistry, been praised as a young leader and, most note-worthy, remained truthful to herself and her fans!

Between finishing her studies and creating content, she took a break long enough to give us an interview!

Where does the name “Anarkee” come from?

It’s kinda weird… I was trying to think of a good name to call myself online and I was watching Panty and Stocking at the time. I noticed that their last names were “Anarchy” and I thought that was a really cool name, so I decided to put my own spin on it! I really like it because I think it represents the kind of content I make; completely chaotic and random!

(Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is an anime series centered around the Anarchy sisters! They were angels up until they got kicked out of heaven for bad behavior. If you like cute, hilarious, devious lady antics then this is for you.)
What made you want to start a channel centered around makeup tutorials/reviews, DIY’s and all around Anarkee amazingness?

I’ve always been the kind of person who just did something myself if I couldn’t find or afford something, or just customize stuff to make it more unique. My friends always asked how I did that kind of stuff and I’d tell them, because I love sharing my creativity with others. A few years later, I decided I wanted to start my channel and I figured that would be the best thing to do!

I like giving people the tools to express themselves, whether it’s with makeup, fashion, hair, whatever! I’m no expert in those things, and I want people to see that if I can do it, they can too!


You’ve become a huge and trusted influencer! How has this changed your life? Has this changed how you behave as a consumer of products at all?

I have? This is news to me! It actually has changed how I consume products a lot; sometimes I won’t buy something because I know I might get it in PR. For example, one of my favorite companies just released an eyeshadow palette and I REALLY want it, but I’m on their PR list so I’m hesitant to buy it myself because I know I’m probably going to get it in the mail soon! (In fact, I just recieved a “missed package” notice when I wasn’t expecting anything, so that might be it actually…) It’s always very funny when a product from a brand I like launches, as I’ll  get a lot of “what do you think of this???” messages before it’s even out! Also, when I DO buy something, I know my followers will want to know what I think about it, so I tend to analyze a lot of products more than I would have before.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Wake up, do my makeup, take pics for social media, go to school, hang out with friends, do homework, come home, film, edit, sleep. Basically that every day, with a few Starbucks runs sprinkled in there!

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You’re also into anime and all around nerdy things, we love that! What are you watching or reading right now?

Right now I’m watching Overlord, just finished season 1 and am starting season 2, and I’m OBSESSED with the music… I’m still crazy about Mystic Messenger as usual, but I also started playing SAO:IF. I honestly HATED Sword Art Online, but I love the concept so this game is pretty perfect for me, it basically follows the plot of the anime, but you play as one of the people stuck in the game, so there’s not much of what made SAO bad for me (aka, Kirito). I also just finished binging Aggretsuko and Saiki K on Netflix, both hilarious shows!

(All great recommendations for our readers!)
Any quirky things you’d like our quirky readers to know about you?

Um… it’s very hard to be quirky on demand…! If you ever see me irl, please say hi! I love seeing my followers and taking pics with them, but I see so many tweets and comments saying people saw me but didn’t come say hi… Talk to me! I won’t bite, I promise! Unless I don’t have makeup on. Then, I’m having a bad day, leave me alone! But, fair warning, I am not cool and graceful in real life, I am a huge awkward mess so… I apologize in advance.

We hope you enjoyed this very short look into the wonder that is Anarkee!

If you have not subscribed to her YouTube channel you are missing out! Also follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well!

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