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Anime Dads And Father Figures We Celebrate For Father’s Day

Anime Dads And Father Figures We Celebrate For Father’s Day

We’ve see a long variety of anime fathers over the years.

To say most of them have been pretty eccentric would be an understatement. Of course we see protective fathers, the ones always looking after their “baby girl” no matter how old and mature she gets. And the quirky fathers, those that embarrass theirs daughters or sons with how weird they can be in public spaces. But, what we always see in these fathers is that they would do anything for their children. They might lie to them to protect them from the horrors of the world. Some step into the role of father figure for those who have absent fathers. All in all, there are many anime fathers we appreciate and put us in the feels when they come on screen.

So, here are some anime fathers and father figures we celebrate for Father’s Day.

Minato Namikaze, Naruto

Yes, Minato was dead since day one. Yes, we didn’t really get to see him be a father. BUT, during the little time he had when Naruto was born he did everything he could to protect both him and the village. Sealing the most powerful of the tailed beasts inside his infant son to then be subjected to harassment and ridicule for a decent portion of his life? Not one of the best moves. But he did sacrifice himself to save Naruto’s life. He even included various fail safes in the seal in case something were to go wrong with Kurama, including showing up as a chakra projection to finally speak with his son. Luckily we did see more of him when he was brought back in the ninja war, and Naruto’s farewell to him will forever have us in tears.

Iruka Umino, Naruto

His relationship with Naruto was presented as “tough love” at first. He was always chastising Naruto for the pranks he pulled and not doing well in school. But, he was also the one who would treat him to ramen and the first to truly recognize Naruto as someone special. The first episode gave us their relationship and initally shaped who Naruto decided to become. Then we got to see Naruto ask Iruka to be his father at his wedding. Tears. All the tears.

Piccolo, Dragon Ball franchise

Let’s be real y’all. When Goku was constantly training, or dead, or just not being a dad in general, Piccolo was there. No one asked him. Nothing was expected of him. But he did that.

Maes Hughes, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood

Excuse me while I cry for a moment.

Hughes was definitely a tad odd, but in the best way. H was full of joy and hope despite what he faced in the Ishvalin War and being in the military in general. He treated the Elric brothers with such love and respect despite not knowing them for terribly long. Hughes constantly boasted about his adorable daughter and being happy with the love of his life.

Soichiro Yagami, Death Note

His son didn’t turn out too great, but nothing stopped Soichiro from protecting him. Staying with the believe that Light was innocent, Soichiro did everything he could to prove it. He was wrong of course, but we have to give the man credit. His strong sense of duty and justice is admirable. All Soichiro wants is to protect the people he loves, even if it may mean not being around too often. Sure being more father than Chief would be ideal, but at least he always stuck to his values and beliefs despite the conflicts he encounters.

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All Might, My Hero Academia

All Might is basically the superhero dad to everyone. With his strong sense of truth and justice, he leads our young learning heroes into the world. He owns up to his mistakes, and allows vulnerability when guiding his students, especially Deku. Even when he’s no longer at 100%, nothing can get in the way of protecting his students.

Shiro Fujimoto, Blue Exorcist

His adoptive sons may have had a few daddy issues with him, but Shiro was doing his best. It can’t be easy knowing your children are demons. It’s even harder when your whole livelihood involves purging evil. But, that doesn’t stop Shiro from loving both of his sons and ensuring they live a fulfilling life despite who they are. He looks past how they were born and raises them to be kind and loving, with their additional quirks. Even when constantly fighting off Satan himself and his attempts at body possession, Shiro allows his humorous and awkward side come out with his sons when they need him.

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