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Anime Fathers Who Will Never Get Love From Us

Anime Fathers Who Will Never Get Love From Us

Yesterday was Father’s Day, where we celebrated both real life father’s and fictional fathers and father figures we’ve grown to love.

Not ever father, however, acts like one. There are a lot of people who have complicated or downright bad relationships with their dads. As we’ve seen in anime, these children have good reason for it. There are manipulative dads, neglectful dads, and abusive dads characters are subjected to growing up with. We, in turn, become angry at how they’re treated and the fathers end up on our hate list. Here are just a few fathers that are just terrible people and deserve no love from us.

Shou Tucker, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood

We all know we he’s the first one I’m mentioning here. I’ll be the first to say that every time I binged Brotherhood, I skip his specific episode. If you look up the definition of “awful,” “terrible,” and “disturbed” in the dictionary his picture is there for reference. At first we’re led to think he’s a good and loving dad who cares for his young daughter. That all changes when we see him turn poor Nina and their dog into a suffering chimera. NINA DESERVED BETTER. Despite all the memes that try to make light of it, we all know Tucker is the devil and what he does is unforgivable.

Ging Freecss, Hunter x Hunter

You know that meme that says “F**k them kids.” Ging definitely invented it. He gives NO regard for Gon’s existence and basically shrugged when he was near death. People say he cares for Gon in his own way, but indifference to your son and lack of support is definitely not healthy or fatherly.

Charles zi Britannia, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Listen. Let’s begin with how someone can manage to have over one hundred consorts with even more children produced by each of them. That’s a lot of work solely to secure multiple positions throughout an empire. Second, he cares very little about any of them unless they’re as cold and ruthless as he is. This man publicly supports inequality, disowns Lelouch just because he questioned him, took joy in Lelouch’s accidental manipulation of Euphemia, used his own Geass to rewrite Lelouch’s memory, and so many other things. He may have had a traumatic upbringing, but that doesn’t excuse being a terrible person and father.

Gakuho Asano, Assassination Classroom

Luckily he gets a tad bit better (thanks character development), but not before backhanding his son for “failure.” Gakuho’s obsession with always being on top and having a specific order to things spilled into his son, and not in the best ways. He creates a classist school system, effectively instills low self-esteem in certain students, and utilizes hatred to get results. He’s very emotionally abusive to Gakushu, treating him only as a means to an end and punishes him for any sort of deviance.

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Fourth Kazekage Rasa, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Trying repeatedly to kill your son as he grows up to become a cold killer definitely doesn’t get you on the great dad list. He may have barely had a presence in the series, but we saw the damage via Gaara. When your two oldest children raise your son just because you can’t be bothered and because you keep failing to kill him isn’t a good look.

Honorable Mention: Firelord Ozai, Avatar The Last Airbender

This is only an honorable mention because Avatar isn’t anime. Ozai as an antagonist is already not the best person in the world, but he isn’t great as a father either. He’s similar to Charles Britannia in that he shows favor to those who are similar to him (i.e. Azula). This man took her idea of burning the Earth Kingdom to the ground and said “Bet.” With Zuko, he has no redeeming qualities. Sure, Zuko may inadvertently disrespect him during a war meeting, but does that mean he should go challenge him to an Agni Kai and firebend him to the face? Nope. The banishment for good measure is just icing on the cake, and he even attempts killing him with lightning during the day of black sun. Instead of seeing love and compassion, Zuko ends up with bitterness and anger because of his father’s callousness and lack of tolerance.

Any other terrible anime fathers you can think of? Let us know on Twitter!

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