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Anime Moms And Mother Figures We Celebrate For Mother’s Day

Anime Moms And Mother Figures We Celebrate For Mother’s Day

We’ve see a long variety of anime mothers over the years.

There’s the hateful ones, neglectful ones, and non-existent ones that have plagued many of the shows we love. But there’s also the loving mothers, super supportive mothers, the slightly eccentric mothers that love to be in their child’s business. There are also the mother figures; the ones who have taken on the role as mother to our protagonists who may have needed that void to be filled. And sometimes, they don’t get the credit they deserve. They may come off at first ass too abrasive or too attached. But, as time goes on we learn to understand their reasons for their nature and love them for what they do for the protagonists and other characters.

So, here are some anime mothers and mother figures we celebrate for Mother’s Day.

Trisha Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

We never got to see too much of Trisha, but it was clear how much she meant to the Elric brothers. Through flashbacks, Trisha is shown to be the most loving and kind-hearted soul you could encounter. You don’t just sacrifice anything to bring someone back from the dead. Trisha was a rock in the lives of not only the Elrics, but also Van Hohenheim.

Izumi Curtis, Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

We all know Izumi is one of the baddest women in the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. She’s strong, independent, and doesn’t take excuses from anyone. She’s also a woman who lost her child and desperately wanted it back. When she too succumbed to the price you pay for attempting resurrection, she continued on with her life and ended up meeting the Elrics in the process. She became their teacher in the ways of alchemy, but also a mother figure to them as they learned to live life without their own. She a tough with them, but it comes from a place of love and compassion.

Sachiko, Erased

Sachiko looks out for anyone who needs help in a heartbeat. Satoru lovingly calls her a witch when she seems to know exactly what he’s thinking at times, and she’s always supporting him in his endeavors. When he brings home Kayo to protect her and Sachiko finds out, she does everything in her power to ensure Kayo knows what a loving home is like and keeps her safe. One of her best moments was when she bathed Kayo and gave her a warm meal, something the poor girl hadn’t experienced in a long time. These kind acts caused Kayo to cry as she finally received the love and care she’s needed for years, and it wasn’t even from her own mother. Sachiko isn’t just a mother to her son, but a mother to any of his friends when needed.

Yasuko Takasu, Toradora

Yasuko may seem like an airhead at times, but she’s always shown as kind and supportive. She seems slightly dependent on her son Ryuji to cook for her, but that’s because she works hard to support him. Yasuko works a lot of nights making sure Ryuji is cared for and so that he doesn’t have to work himself. She also constantly reminds Ryuji how proud of him she is, especially for being in high school when she herself couldn’t complete it. When Taiga enters their lives, Yasuko treats her like family and welcomes her with open arms. She may be airheaded, but she has a kind and generous heart to go along with it.

Mama Higurashi, Inuyasha

How many mothers do you know that would let their 15-year-old daughter go to the feudal era to fight demons? Probably none. Mama Higurashi is loving and supportive not only to Kagome, but to the rest of the family AND Inuyasha 24/7. She cooks Kagome’s favorite meals, and even takes Inuyasha and her friends into account. When Kagome doesn’t do well in school, Mama Higurashi gives her understanding and helps her know she will get through it all. There probably isn’t a mean bone in this woman’s body. When Kagome’s going through Inuyasha troubles or when Sota has his first crush/girlfriend, Mama Higurashi is there to support and love them through it all.

Hinata, Boruto

Our sweet Hinata is holding down the fort while Naruto takes care of Hokage duties 24/7. She’s loved Naruto since the very beginning, and was inspired by him for her own growth. Even as Hokage when he’s not around much, she makes sure their children are still taken care of and is around for Boruto’s feelings of neglect. Even though she’s mainly shown as a mother and wife, we all know when trouble occurs she doesn’t hesitate to put in the work to defend and protect the village and the ones she loves.

Kyoko Honda, Fruits Basket

Kyoko had a rough past growing up, and did whatever she could to change by the time she has Tohru. Having had distance and neglectful parents, Kyoko turned to being in a girl gang and not finding importance in school. But, when she met Katsuya Honda and felt cared for, she dangerously left the gang and participated more in school. Even after being beaten up by said gang and disowned by her parents, Kyoko found joy with Katsuya and they started a family together. After his death, she spent the rest of her life ensuring Tohru felt loved and supported as she could, reminding her that everyone wants to feel cared about. Her new life revolved around Tohru, and giving her the things her own parents couldn’t give her when she was a child.

Bulma, Dragon Ball franchise

She’s a genius scientist, inventor, engineer, and puts Vegeta in his place when he needs it. She becomes a mother of not one, but two beautiful children and cares for them fiercely.  Between the love for her kids, the soft spot she found in Vegeta, and her KILLER fashion sense, Bulma in any Dragon Ball franchise we will forever stan.

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Inko Midoriya, My Hero Academia

Inko just wants her precious son to be safe and stop injuring himself. She tries her best to be the best mother and support system she can be, especially through Izuku’s discovery of being quirkless. Although he’s constantly putting himself in danger, she just wants him to be happy. Even All Might gives her the utmost respect when she wants Izuku to transfer schools and expresses her concerns. THE All Might deeply bows to her and swears he will support and protect Izuku. If All Might is out here showing her the utmost respect, then Inko is definitely doing a great job as a mom.

Carla Yaeger, Attack on Titan

Like Trisha Elric, we don’t see a lot of Carla Yaeger since she…well…dies terribly in the first episode. But, in that episode and through flashbacks we see how loving Carla was as a mother. Her final moments were making sure Eren, Mikasa, and Armin could get away safe and live. She knew saving her was futile and used the last strength she had to encourage them to run. WHile we didn’t see her long, each time Eren thinks of Carla it’s nothing but happy thoughts of what she provided for him and his friends.

Queen Serenity, Sailor Moon

A WHOLE queen right here. She sacrificed herself do prevent anymore bloodshed and war between the Dark Kingdom and Moon Kingdom. Having lived a busy life of being responsible for a civilization and ensuring its survival beyond their own time, she constantly put others before herself. Sacrificing herself meant being able to stop an evil for as long as she could, and loving her people and her child enough to give her life for them.


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