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Why You Should Stan Ted Park And Awich This Summer

Why You Should Stan Ted Park And Awich This Summer

Not to toot my own horn, but I have a habit of finding artists before they “break”.

For example, before Iggy Azalea became a viral meme, I told a friend of mine that I’ve been listening to her for a while and that “Fancy” was the song that was going to make her blow up. I was right. On New Year’s Eve 2017, I saw Lizzo in concert. I have been bopping to “Truth Hurts” for almost two years before it was featured in the 2019 Netflix film, Someone Great. Most notably, I started listening to BTS in 2016. “Fire” was on repeat. This was a year or so before they won Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards and subsequently took over the world.

Now that I have established my credibility, you need to stan these two artists:

Awich and Ted Park


They have great stories on how they got where they are. The two of them come from different walks of life, but they seem to live their truth in the most authentic way possible.


From Okinawa, Japan

Label YENTown

Genre Hip-Hop



Shortest Bio Ever

Awich’s first interaction with rap came from a Tupac album she randomly purchased. Her love for the genre eventually led her to learn English and go to Atlanta for undergraduate school. In her 20s Awich: graduated college, got married, had Yomi Jah and lost her husband to gun violence. With these life experience, you can feel the strength and soul in her music.

Writer’s Choice – “WHORU?”


Ted Park

From Madison, Wisconsin


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Genre Hip-Hop




Shortest Bio Ever

Ted Park went from dropping out high school and catching a bus from Madison to New York City to being signed to one of the most respected hip-hop labels in Korea. While hustlin’ in NYC, he gained attention from media outlets like Complex and went viral on Spotify with his song, “Hello? (Who is this)”. Now he’s trying to be the new thing and advocate that it’s about “whats on the inside”.

Writer’s Choice – “Drippin”

You heard it here first, before these two blow up.

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