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Attack On Titan Five Year Anniversary Speculations

Attack On Titan Five Year Anniversary Speculations

UPDATE: Speculation #1 came to pass. On Friday April 27th, 2018 Attack on Titan released the trailer for season 3! The trailer is posted down below.

It is the 5th year anniversary of the premiere of the anime series Attack on Titan.

That’s quite the stretch of time given that the series only has two seasons under its belt. The lengthy 25-episode first season wowed viewers in 2013 but took a four-year hiatus that left fans of the anime scratching their heads. The series did return with a bang; however, it was quite short lived. The amazing revelation-filled second season premiered in 2017 with only 12 episodes.

Thankfully, fans don’t have to wait as long for the impending third season. There is no exact date confirmed, but it is set to air sometime in July. With the 5th anniversary being celebrated for five days on the official AOT Facebook, it may be fun to speculate if the week-long celebration will conclude with some sort of cool announcement like the ones listed below.


The most fulfilling confirmation they could give fans is a trailer. It would be a welcomed surprise that would leave us well fed until the premiere.  It’s probably unlikely, but maybe a short little teaser, 5 seconds? A girl can dream.

Official Date of Arrival

Nothing says official like a solidified date. Sure, we’ve been coddled by the fact that it should premiere in July. But, it’s hard to forget those four cold years of hiatus between the first and second seasons. It’s a bit difficult not to be skeptical without an official date, especially since we’re three months away from the expected month of arrival.

An Announcement of 100 Episodes

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Okay, so maybe not literally 100. But it would be nice if we could find out how many episodes we’re working with this coming season. Giving us 25 episodes like the first season, or even more would be an amazing treat. There is so much material to work with from the manga, it would be nice to cover a great deal of it in the 3rd season.

Those are my top 3 speculations! Who knows, we could get nothing at all at the conclusion of the 5 days. Even if that is the case, hopefully there will be some sort of announcement soon to ease the wait during these last few months.


Surprise! Check out the new trailer below:

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