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August Is The Month Of The Big Chop

August Is The Month Of The Big Chop

The “Big Chop” is something that could either intrigue or scare whoever sees those words. For some, the thought of completely cutting of years of growth is a nightmare. For others, it’s a challenge. If you’re hesitant about cutting, keep reading! If you’re looking for a sign to chop, here it is.

As summer comes to a close, the heat only seems to rise more. Many states are hitting record temperatures, and people are desperate for some relief. I can tell you right now, as my A.C. blasts on high, that I am one of these people. Don’t get me wrong, summer is one of my favorite months. My skin gets a good dose of vitamin D, and my best outfits see light after months of being in the attic, but this year is truly something else temperature wise. Sitting in the west coast, where some highs have hit the triple digits, has made me scour the internet for options to relieve me of my sun-soaked misery. Ice cubes can only do so much. It was after the 4th twist-out that I had an epiphany: The Big Chop. The very next morning, I hobbled down to the barbershop and cut until I felt the air on my scalp.


Instantly my head felt lighter, and my skin felt cooler.

Now for the apprehensive, this can be a bit daunting. Making a major change is no easy task, and especially if it’s one that could potentially change your routine. Consider these pros if you’re still uneasy

1. Low maintenance

With the big chop, you won’t have to worry about twisting your hair up every night. Your morning hair routine is cut (no pun intended) down to mere minutes. There are also many styles you can still rock with short hair that take seconds to prep for.  “Wash day’ also becomes a breeze, less product has to be used and more time is saved.

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2.  A Fresh Start For Damaged Hair

Is your hair heat damaged beyond repair? Have you dyed it one too many times? The big chop may possibly be the answer to your problems. Cutting off all your damage can give you a clean slate to work with the next time around. You can use the big chop as an opportunity to truly get to know your hair and to care for it even better. Your hair will also only be one texture allowing you to buy products that can cater to your one specific need.


3. Gain some confidence

Having short hair can be a statement. People’s eyes are immediately drawn to your face, and for some, that can be slightly intimidating. Putting yourself out there can always be scary, and uncomfortable but with time you’ll notice how much more you show the world when you’re not allowed to hide from under your hair. Getting out of your comfort zone can be the key to growth, both literally and metaphorical.

Solange Knowles arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards with beautiful short hair. Picture by Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup/LFI

A cool scalp, easy upkeep, and a confidence boost? The big chop is a smart decision for these later summer months. At the end of the day the choice should always be yours, and it should always make you happy. I sure am!

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