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[TRAILER] Avengers: Endgame Has Arrived

[TRAILER] Avengers: Endgame Has Arrived

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

The long awaited Avengers teaser trailer dropped today and fans are already eating it up. This trailer has been highly anticipated since the release of part 1 last April. Now that its finally here, so many questions…still remain.

We see remnants of our last surviving Avengers: all of them lost, confused, and mourning the ones they’ve lost (half the universe to be exact). And even though we see the ‘Big 3’ so speak, (Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron man) there are still some remaining Avengers missing in action.  Cut to a shadow of a walking Thanos and one can see that he’s kept his promise, after he wiped out half the planet he appears to be resting in the planet he resides…but not for long.

Hope seems to be devoid in this teaser trailer, as it hints to a darker theme for the new Avengers film overall. But, with that being said, Captain America appears to still have a plan, and some shocking returning faces are going to help him see it through!

In all, as most great teaser trailers, it doesn’t give too much away. But it’s great to see a glimpse of of Earth’s mightiest heroes returning to the big screen. So as always there are thoughts roaming through our minds: how will Captain Marvel play a role? Is this the last time we see Iron Man or Captain America? Will we see the Earth restored, and all Avengers together again…one last time?

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Only time will tell as more trailers release, but one thing we can know for sure is it’ll be one epic conclusion to a franchise that has been 17 films and counting.

So get ready to settle in, because we’re in the end game.


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