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Avenger’s Endgame: 4 Female Heroes To Battle The Screen!

Avenger’s Endgame: 4 Female Heroes To Battle The Screen!

     With only a few weeks away until the release of Avengers: Endgame everyone is gearing up for the premiere with all sorts of traditions including rebinge the entire Marvel franchise, trivia events, anyway to remember the end of our Avengers hero saga.

My personal way to celebrate the upcoming film release is to focus on our female avengers and how their combined strength will defeat Thanos once and for all. Here are my hopes about the female avenger tag teams, and the ones I’m hoping to see command the big screen! Yes, yes I know, the ending of Infinity War sets up Carol Danvers Captain Marvel to be the ultimate savior of the universe and pummel Thanos into oblivion.

But, this still doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to get help from her fellow women counterparts as each one of them are serious bad asses in their own right. Now in my opinion, these are the big three – Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch. Captain Marvel’s power is pretty self-explanatory at this point so more than likely she will be the big finish.

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            To begin with Black Widow, the longest and first female avenger at this point, pummel through any obstacle on her own without any magic power. She uses stealth in a way that’s impossible for anyone to follow she possess a wealth of government secret, and is an expert markswoman that disarms men in a nano second. Scarlett Witch is just a beast period as her powers allow her to manipulate pretty much anything, also time manipulation (should come in handy), teleportation – the list goes on.

Black Widow obviously will be on-screen majority of the time as she tracks down Clint, is a connecting point for Steve, and could seriously hold her own against Thanos. There is talk of her possibly being killed off of Endgame, but I highly doubt it since her solo movie is in the works at Marvel as we speak…or type.

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     Wanda is out of commission but if she was to somehow return to join in the fight against Thanos she could do some real serious damage. Lest we not forget  that Scarlet Witch was able to hold Thanos off for quite some time while she got rid of Visions stone. Not to mention, if she could hack Thanos mind not only could she manipulate his movements but she could also warp his sense of perception trapping him a hold forever.

The possibilities are endless of what this duo could do on the screen. In addition, there is a general that is a destroyer in her own right and could also be serious trouble for Thanos.

Okoye, leader of the Dora Milaje is extraordinary in her own right as she has been training her whole life as a skilled warrior and is a scene stealer whenever she is on the screen. Okoye is striking in her physicality and the strength she possess as we saw her tear her way through Black Panther and the mutated monsters in Infinity War. She has trained her whole life not just physically but she also has an extreme amount of Intel at her disposable.

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     If given the chance she could  provide a lot of information in terms of tracing people, (as I’m sure she’s trying to track down T’Challa), tracking key player movements, and helping plot against Thanos return. It’s also possible that with Shuri being poofed away, Okoye could follow-up on the work she was doing on Vision’s stone, and if not complete it, assist the Avengers in helping someone who can.

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Also, Okoye along with the Wakandans have Vibranium at their disposal, a metal I’m sure is going to come into play in a big fight against Thanos and his goons.

Last but not least an unlikely hero in the form of a wasp is also a huge contender in the final fight against Thanos. The beautiful Evangeline Lilly debuted the wasp power in Antman and the Wasp last year, showcasing her versatility and swift movement to buzz around undetected.

Her small size will give her accessibility to pretty much steal anything, not to mention she has an incredible amount of force behind her. The Wasp maybe little but she packs one powerful punch.

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            Each female hero has individual powers that makes them incredibly strong and resourceful to take out Thanos in their own right. I am extremely excited to see these dynamic and all powerful women battle their way across the big screen in act of support for one another as well powering up their own strength to take Thanos down.

    This battle will be one of the biggest in cinematic history, and incredible feat to undertake. It’s an incredible show of force for equality to see women at the forefront along with their male counterparts.

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