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Avengers: Infinity War Proves That Marvel Can Be Just As Gritty As DC

Avengers: Infinity War Proves That Marvel Can Be Just As Gritty As DC

Mild Spoilers Ahead


It’s been 10 years in the making for marvel to bring one of the greatest stories in comic book history to the big screen. The wait was worth every second of it.

Avengers: Infinity War Picks up right after Thor: Ragnarok. The tone is set within the first few minutes and you realize that Marvel is not holding back with this movie. Thor’s ship is under attack when we meet our villain for the movie, Thanos, and he’s there for one thing: The infinity stone that they have. Why does he need it? Well there’s six of them and he needs each one to rid the universe of half its inhabitants and the Avengers have to stop that from happening.

It’s no secret that most Marvel villains brought to the screen lack substance and are mostly cannon fodder for the heroes, but there has been improvement in the last couple of movies. Thanos continues the trend in wonderful fashion. Josh Brolin, the actor who portrays Thanos gave a terrific performance bringing emotion and a ruthlessness that makes him one of the most menacing villains since Heath Ledger’s Joker. Supporting Thanos in his quest is The Black Order, who are his children. They are a great supporting cast that furthers the struggle the Avengers face.

When we last saw the Avengers they were no longer a team, divided by events of Captain America: Civil War, everyone is doing their own thing. Tony Stark is in a somewhat retirement, Captain America is on the run from the government while still stopping threats to the world, and Peter Parker being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The threat to the universe however brings old friends and new acquaintances together to protect the world. You have the Guardians of the Galaxy meeting Thor and the scene where they first interact with each other is probably the funniest scene in the whole movie. Ironman and Doctor Strange clash in a battle of wits and ego and it’s a dream come true to see it happening on-screen.

With so many stars on-screen at once, one would think the some of the characters would get left by the wayside. However the Russo brothers, directors of the film, manage to find a balance that lets everyone shine and show off their characters. It makes for a great movie and shows Marvel cares to show off these characters you’ve gotten to know over the past 10 years.

The pacing of this movie actually surprised me quite a bit. From the beginning to the end there was not a moment where the movie slowed down for you to digest what just happened. The only time where you can do that is when the credits start to roll and that’s when everything you just saw starts to hit you. It is a very emotional movie and if you’ve become invested into these characters from watching the movies, you will definitely be feeling some type of way when you walk out.

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If you only came to this movie looking for the action, there’s plenty of it here for you. From Ironman and company taking on Thanos, to Captain America and Black Panther fighting a horde of aliens attacking Wakanda. The Russo brothers know how to satisfy your craving for some superhero action and Infinity War is no exception. Every scene has memorable moments and if you’re a fan of the comics you’ll see some of the action is taken right from the panels of the comic books.

Overall this is a very solid movie, but it’s not perfect. There were some slight inconsistencies from other movies in the Marvel movie universe. Some of the dialogue between characters had me questioning why it was there. I also didn’t like the direction a few characters in this movie went, that I enjoyed previously. Most of this is just me nitpicking and being a bit more critical of the structure of the movie but it doesn’t take away from the whole product.

I really enjoyed this movie. To see one of my favorite comic book storylines being brought to life was amazing. I wouldn’t recommend going into this thinking it’s just another superhero movie and everything will be okay. This is a rollercoaster that will take you on a ride of emotions. These heroes will put everything they have on the line to stop the villain this round and for some it will even cost them their lives. Since this movie ends on a big cliffhanger the “what happens now” will probably haunt you for awhile, considering we have to wait a whole year until the next movie comes out.

Marvel knows how to please its fans and also make us suffer and Infinity War does both.

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