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B The Beginning (Anime Review)

B The Beginning (Anime Review)

Warning: Mild Spoilers Alert!!!!

Looking for a new thriller anime that can keep you on your toes? Look no further.

Marketed as a crime thriller in a somewhat supernatural world. A detective after a killer with supernatural powers and crimes galore? One look at the trailer and I was in full binge mode.

The detective we follow is a man named Keith Flick, a goofy guy whose antics bring comedic relief to the screen. Underneath that he’s very serious and dedicated to his mission when the situation requires and he’s good at what he does. Our killer is named Koku, a young boy that has demonic looking powers and some dark secrets. Then we have Lily who is an ambitious and talented women who you automatically love in her first scene. She helps keep the viewers grounded in a world that drags you into its vast very fast.

The Good

Along with dynamic characters, the world they populate is phenomenal. It seems to be set in a futuristic world with advanced technology moving the world forward, it had steampunk vibes which I loved. Also in the world there is an underlying power within the world that makes you wonder if it’s just more technological advancements or something more sinister. The actual bad guys have pretty much the same powers as Koku, so it makes you wonder what did this kid get himself into.

The Bad

The pace was very slow in the beginning episodes and I was losing interest fast. I feared that Netflix lied about the thriller aspect of the show because there was barely any suspense building. It did pick up in the latter half of the show which I was very glad it did. Most of the bad guys were forgettable, Koku barely struggled against any of them. Only one bad guy stood out so much that I wanted to see more of him. The plot wasn’t bad, but it was a tangled mess in certain parts which confused me. It came together at the end and everything seemed to actually make sense.

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The Overall

I really ended up enjoying this anime despite it’s slow pace and overly complicated plot explaining. The characters were the life of this series and each one brought something unique to the story. You won’t be missing out if you choose not to watch this anime. If you do watch it, and if you can get through the first half of the season, I think you’ll really enjoy what this anime offers.

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