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Before The Storm: What To Expect For This Year’s NYCC

Before The Storm: What To Expect For This Year’s NYCC

It’s that time of the year again! Cue the long lines, awesome panels, huge crowds, celebrity guest, fans of all of the fandoms, and cosplayers from across the states. New York Comic Con..welcome back!

Here’s a breakdown of a few things we are really looking forward to this weekend!

Anime Fest @ NYCC

It’s second time running, NYCC will be bringing back it’s Anime Fest counterpart. For the anime and manga lover like myself, this is a must see and thankfully this year the location is a super short walk around the corner from the con. Here you will find a more anime/manga./otaku focused crowd and guests such as Adam Savage, Veronica Taylor, Yoshitaka Amano and more! Check out more info on their Facebook page so you don’t miss any action.

Dark Horse Comics: The Art of The Dragon Prince

First off, if you haven’t already definitely check out The Dragon Prince on Netflix when you can. It’s a cute story, wonderfully animated, gripping plot, and super diverse and lovable characters. Dark Horse Comics and Wonderstorm will be partnering up at NYCC to give fans and exclusive sneak peek of a hardcover art book to be released next summer that will explore the beautiful art of of the world of The Dragon Prince.

RWBY Season 7 sneak peak with cast!

Rooster Teeth will be returning with the cast of RWBY for another year at NYCC. This time they will be showing a sneak peak of season 7 of the hit animated series RWBY. You can get tickets for the event here.

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Funko Exclusives

I am a collector and love to fill my space with trinkets and figures that spark joy in my little weeb heart. Every year NYCC releases a bunch of exclusive pop figures from all fandoms. While they’re usually harder to get your hands on, they’re always worth it in value. Be sure to check in with your favorite artist that will be attending as well or discover some new ones in the artist alley because many artist sell NYCC exclusive prints as well. You can find the complete list of exclusive pop figures here.

Fun Events

NYCC always brings out the party animals! Nobody parties like us geeks to of course through out the weekend they’ll be plenty of fun to be had such as: 

With this many parties and events happening in one weekend, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular cons on the east coast!

All the Cosplay and FANS!

To me, the heart of a con is in the guest. The fans at NYCC are some of the most dedicated and fun guests and you are sure to at least make a friend or two. If cosplay is your thing, or you’re a photographer looking to get some awesome shots, head to down to the outdoor area where the food trucks are for the best cosplay hub at the con. Here you’ll be sure to find all your favorites from comics, to video games, to sci-fi shows, cartoons and everything in between. The beauty of NYCC is that it’s for lovers of all fandoms and the guest and cosplayers really help amplify the whole experience. 

I’ll be running around in cosplay and covering the con via Quirkastic’s Instagram story so make sure to tune in and follow our weekend. We will also be posting a Post NYCC roundup in case you miss any of the action. So don’t worry for NYCC. Quirktastic has got you covered! 

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