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#BehindtheCosplay: PinkMason

#BehindtheCosplay: PinkMason

Welcome fellow cosplay enthusiasts to another week of the #BehindtheCosplay! This time we catch up with New York based cosplayer and prop maker Ashley aka PinkMason!

She talks us through her latest cosplay that she debuted during NYCC this month, a crossover mashup of Ariel and Mera of Aquaman. 

Why did you choose to go with Mera & Ariel crossover? 
There are two reasons. The first is, I love Mera. She’s a great leader and a skilled warrior. 
Secondly, although I normally don’t acknowledge ignorance, I wanted to respond to the negative remarks toward a black woman being a mermaid. 
I did a crossover of the two characters because they are the same person in many ways. Both mermaids from Atlantis with red hair and a trident. And I wondered what it would be like to combine their looks. 
What is the first step you do in your planning stages of the cosplay?
The first step is research. I’m constantly looking for new designs or some form of inspiration. 

Going in, what was the part you were worried about the most?

Time. I created this along with 4 other costumes at once. And all cosplayers can agree, there’s never enough time. 
What part of the crafting was actually the hardest?
Attaching my armor to the suit. I realized the kind of Velcro I had would lift the armor off the suit and I didn’t like that, so I used glue instead, which was a whole ordeal. But I eventually got everything to stick.
Did you use any new techniques during the making of Mera/Ariel?
Yes! I used an airbrush for the seashells on my armor, crown, and necklace. I thought it would be difficult but it’s so fun to use. The most important and a little tedious part is cleaning the airbrush when you’re done.
Did you learn any new techniques that you will be applying next time?
I will definitely stick to airbrushing for my detailed paint jobs. I want to perfect this new skill.  
Where did most of your crafting take place? 
I’ve turned half of my basement apartment into a cosplay workshop/ office. I have 4 different sewing machines, a wall full of the suits I’ve made over the years, and A LOT of supplies i.e. fabric from past and future projects, paint, tools, photography equipment etc.
On a scale of 1-5 how messy was the cleanup after each session?
1.5 , I clean up every time I take a break (I’ve got a bit of OCD). I function more efficiently when things are organized and clean.
About how many days or hours did everything take to finish?
About 10 days with 10 to 15 hours a day. 
Is there anything you would have done differently craft wise?
I would’ve liked to make the trident more detailed. Although, I am very happy with the outcome.
Here seen with cosplayer Tenisha
If you could describe your perfect working area what would it look like?
A ventilated warehouse with concrete floors and a metal high boy cutting table so that I wouldn’t spend hours crouched over cutting fabric and airing out my basement of glue fumes with a fan. I would totally love a 3D printer as well.
What is one tool you used during the making of Mera/Ariel that you couldn’t of went without?
My sewing machine. Without one there wouldn’t be a suit. 
Here seen with cosplayer CosplayKey
What are you working on next?
BATWOMAN! and the rest is a secret. ;-D
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