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#BehindTheCosplay: YukiCrissy

#BehindTheCosplay: YukiCrissy

We’re back with another week of #BEHINDTHECOSPLAY and this time around we have NYC based cosplayer, YukiCrissy!

Why did you choose to make Kirishima’s Red Riot costume?
I decided to create RED RIOT- Kirishima from the anime My Hero Academia for Anime NYC 2019. My Hero Academia has recently peaked my interest, and I love to work on characters where I can use my “foam skills.” Kirishima and his “unbreakable ” quirk was the perfect opportunity to reflect my skills and do a character I love.
What is the first step you do in your planning stages of the cosplay?
When deciding to create any of my cosplays, first I have to gather all my reference photos. This particular character was hard to find photos of because there weren’t as many photos of him using his “quirk.” I only used one reference photo and the rest I gathered inspiration from other cosplayers. I even reached out to the cosplayer  Zero Suit Sami on advice of how she created some parts of her Kirishima cosplay.
Going in, what was the part you were worried about the most?
I was worried about how I will style the wig. Wig styling is not one of my good points.
What part of the crafting was actually the hardest?
Believe it or not, The hardest part of this cosplay was creating the skeleton of Kirishima’s circle shoulder pauldrons. Since I’m extremely frugal when It comes to crafting, I tried to tackle this in the most cheapest and effective way I possibly could which caused LOTS OF STRESS. This was the first piece I created just because I wanted to get the complicated part out the way. It took about 2 hours.
Did you use any new techniques during the making of Kirishima?
As I made Kirishima, I don’t recall using any new techniques in particular. All of my EVA foam related cosplays consist me just “eyeing” and gluing things until I’m satisfied with my cosplay. I did just that with my Kirishma.
Did you learn any new techniques that you will be applying next time?
Not really. This was a fairly quick cosplay so I stuck with what I know to get it done quickly. 
Where did most of your crafting take place? 
In my current apartment I use my living room/cosplay room to create all my cosplays. My cosplay space consists of  2 cosplay closets, 1 mannequin, 2 dress dress forms. and a storage area for my sewing space and paint. I also use this room for photography so I keep one area blank to easily set up backdrops and lights. It’s a tight squeeze living in NYC with 2 roommates, but I make it work. If you walk into my home, you’ll never know that its a secret cosplay studio.
On a scale of 1-5 how messy was the cleanup after each session?
On a scale of 1-5 with 5 my place is usually a 10! Since I like to procrastinate till the last second to create cosplays, I’m left with only like 2 hours a day to work on any thing. If there is a con the same weekend (which I started this cosplay the same week of Anime NYC) my living room is WRECKED until maybe the day of the convention, or after the convention is over. I just cant find time to clean and craft. It’s so overwhelming.
About how many days or hours did everything take to finish?
As I stated before, I love to procrastinate. In fact, I work better when I’m under immense pressure.
I began creating Kirishima 7 days before the convention, and finished in overall about 4-5 hours. It was fairly fast and simple to create but at the same time I was working on a Fran cosplay and a commission for a friend. I honestly finished Kirishima the morning of Anime NYC Saturday.
Is there anything you would have done differently craft wise?
Well, I’m always learning new things and expanding my knowledge when it comes to cosplay. I personally would spend a little more money on the circle pauldrons to make it exactly the way I want it. Some things I realize I have to spent he extra money to get it exact.
If you could describe your perfect working area, what would it look like?
My prefect working area would be something similar to what I have now, but with way more storage space and a crafting table. Most of my armored cosplays have been destroyed due to a lack of storage space. So that would be my dream and it will allow me to create higher quality cosplays that I know wont be crushed.
What is one tool you used during the making of Kirishima that you couldn’t have went without?
I can’t think of any tools I did not need that I used during this build. All my materials had a job to play which helped me finished it in a timely fashion.
What are you working on next?
Monster Hunter Zinogre from Monster Hunter World is my next cosplay project.

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