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Why You Should Support This West African-Owned Eyewear Company on Kickstarter

Why You Should Support This West African-Owned Eyewear Company on Kickstarter

Supporting Kickstarters is a great way to contribute to something bigger than yourself, while also being the cool kid with the latest exclusive products on the block.

Successful Kickstarter campaigns  have been helping amazing ideas and businesses grow for almost a decade.  Even Issa Rae of HBO’s Insecure got her start using Kickstarter to fund her YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl.

If you want to be the cool kid on the block this year, you need to keep Bôhten’s kickstarter on your radar.

Nana Boateng Osei, Founder of Bôhten, had the initiative to use reclaimed material to manufacture an eco-luxury eyewear line. He draws inspiration from his Ghanaian roots, from his love of nature but mostly from his late grandfather Andrew Hanson Osei, who was Ghana’s first land surveyor in the 60s.

Why Bôhten is better than other eyewear companies:

The fact that Bôhten is a Ghanaian-owned company is not the only reason that we show support. The glasses live up to the hype. Bôhten prescription glasses cost about the same as the popular U.S. brand Warby Parker and are just as stylish, more sustainable for the environment and provides jobs for the community.

Did we mention that Chance The Rapper is a big fan?

Bôhten has garnered the respect from celebrities across the globe including Chance The Rapper, Nelly Furtado and Mr. Eazi.

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Why You Should Support Bôhten on Kickstarter:

1. This is the cheapest that you will ever receive their new glasses

The new Bôhten5 glasses retail at about $299 CAD (about $246 USD) with prescription; however, with this Kickstarter, you can get them for almost half of the price.

2. Bôhten glasses are made out of richest discarded material sourced from the Volta Region in Ghana.

3. Have you ever seen an eyewear case this fire before?

4. The goal is to fully launch production of the Bôhten5 collection in Ghana

Launching full production in Ghana would lead to more jobs for the community and more empowerment for the people of Ghana.

5. They are not new to this, they are true to this.

With over 5 successful years in the eyewear game, you can trust that Bôhten has what it takes to get this project done.

Ready to support Bôhten and get a stylish, affordable pair (or more) of sustainable, ethically-made glasses or sunglasses? Support the Bôhten Kickstarter today.

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