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The Best Sites for Anime in 2017

The Best Sites for Anime in 2017

In the age of streaming, new and old Otakus from all around the world are figuring out what works best for their binge-watching needs.

Whether it be consistency of incoming shows, a wide variety, or a preference to subs over dubs and vice versa, in 2017 there is something for everyone thanks to these key websites. With some outside help from fellow nerds, we compiled this well thought out list of which sites you should be visiting for your all your anime-viewing needs and which are better left as a last resort.


Crunchyroll inevitably gets a spot on this list for a couple key reasons. For starters, it’s legal and the free subscription gets you limited anime but still some great titles like Blue Exorcist and One Piece. For the small fee of $7 a month, all the site’s anime becomes readily available.

Crunchyroll has also come a long way since its start in 2006 and now not only has the respect of American watchers but also the financial backing of Japan. When asked, the main reason why most viewers enjoy Crunchyroll is because of the legalities. There’s a comfort for many in knowing they don’t have to take the desperate measures we once did in order to watch a good show.

Conclusion: Totally worth it.


So here is where our list becomes risky. While we heard raves of how great Kissanime is, some were weary. The site allows you to stream anime at various speeds and has been called the “YouTube of Anime”. The main concern, however, is that it’s not exactly legal…okay, it’s not, but when did that ever stop you? It has more than the average amount of anime titles to choose from and those who are thrill-seekers prefer Kissanime over Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, with javascript worries and ad blocking, many still would prefer to not bother, especially when there are great sites for a small fee per month and are at least…legal.

Conclusion: Enter at your own risk.

People love exclusivity and Netflix has mastered that when it comes to not only anime but shows in general. The hype of 2016 for anime lovers was the new Voltron series that is exclusive to only the popular streaming site. Among this, Netflix carries some older anime like Pokemon and Bleach.

Currently the site has 7 original series exclusive to just Netflix…makes the monthly upcharge from $7 to $10 a bit more worth it, eh? Still, most viewers saw Netflix as a good fallback as the exclusive content makes it desirable but not a number one choice for go-to anime watching.

Conclusion: Just use your parent’s Netflix subscription if you don’t already have one of your own.

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Mixing it up with the content and the options we end our list with Gogoanime. Of the illegal sites this was a popular choice due to not only the different selections but also the option for dubs and subs.

As most of us know the argument of subs over dubs is an ongoing one in the anime community but many enjoy being able to listen and watch in their native tongue without having the distraction of text on the screen. Still, it has it’s precautions as it’s not exactly secure. Make sure your anti-virus is up to date!

Conclusion: When subs become too much, why not risk it?

Overall the site that seemed to peak everyone’s’ interest was Crunchyroll. The legalities, selections and ties to Japan gave viewers a sense of ease in knowing their computers and TVs won’t catch a dreaded disease.

What’s your go-to anime watching site and why? Leave a comment below!


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