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7 Superstar Brands That Are Currently Making Black Nerd History

7 Superstar Brands That Are Currently Making Black Nerd History

This post is in part of a paid collaboration with AT&T for the AT&T 28 Days campaign.

When you think of Black History Month, who first comes to mind? Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and I’m sure many more revolutionaries that have paved the way for today’s generation. But who are the change-makers in today’s generation? 

With the internet, there are so many people making a difference in the world that sometimes in can be hard to see what impact is really taking place. We want to give a shout out to a few of our favorite brands who we believe are paving the way for quirky and nerdy Black people for generations to come.

Kaybear Cosplay

Say hello to one of the top paid Black cosplayers on Patreon (we are pretty sure she is the top paid, but just in case). The amazing Kay Bear has been making waves (and curves) in the lewd cosplay category. With a following of about a half million, we don’t see this beauty slowing down any time soon.

Learn more here.


With its first official year of convention in 2017, we couldn’t be more excited about the second year of this all-inclusive, Black nerd focused comic con.

Learn more here.

The Cosgala

While this event doesn’t happen until September 2018, we know that The Cosgala is easily going to be a fan favorite event. The founders aim to create a sophisticated space for cosplayers to meet other likeminded people and enjoy themselves without fear of judgement.

Learn more here.

Weird Enough Productions

In a world full of fake news, this geek-inspired company is providing media literacy education and inspiring the next generation to tap into their inner hero. The also produce comics featuring some awesome and relatable people of color.

Learn more here.

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Adorned By Chi

Does this amazing brand even need an introduction? This retail brand is making a space for magical, Sailor Moon loving femmes everywhere. They also have a sister brand, Candy Coated Curls that sells colorful afro textured wigs.

Learn more here and here.

Momo Pixel

You may be familiar with Momo Pixel from her video game, Hair Nah which was featured on Vogue and CNN; however, we need you to get tuned into her amazing interactive event, Momoland, as well as her dope Seattle-based band, Momo and The Pixels.

Learn more here and here.

Quirktastic Media

Yes, we are going to toot our own horn here only because our founder, Bryanda Law is out here killing it in these. Quirktastic is the first media and technology company creating products geared towards misfits of color. Products currently include our content site, The Quirk Shop, QuirkCon and a social app, Connie.

Learn more here, here, here and here.

Want to learn more about other people currently making Black history? Check out At&T’s campaign, History by Us: Black History Told By Those Making It.

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