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#BlackWomen Podcasting – Cynthia Erivo’s Carrier is your next Podcast Binge

#BlackWomen Podcasting – Cynthia Erivo’s Carrier is your next Podcast Binge

Halloween is tomorrow, and we’re all scrambling for spooky activities to gear up for Thursday’s big day!

I’ve gained some new traditions this year and that includes listening to new podcasts suited for the Halloween season. So when a podcast scrolled across my screen about a truck driver transporting cryptic cargo, and starring Cynthia Erivo I said sign me up! Carrier took me on a ‘ride’ that had unexpected twists, and sent shivers down my spine. Tune in below to see why it will rattle your bones too.


 Cynthia Erivo plays Raylene, a black female truck driver, that has to finish the rest of her father’s route due to him falling ill. When Raylene gets stopped by a cop (for obvious reasons) and it throws her off schedule she has no choice but to accept an assignment from a mysterious company to transport special cargo. But there are three conditions (spooky narrator voice style)


She can’t open the back of her cargo hold, it has to be kept chilled to a certain degree, and HAS to be in Chicago by 5am that following day. As soon as Raylene hits the road all hell broke loose! Raylene is quickly thrust into a darker world with a great conspiracy theory, and a company bent on their purpose. I don’t want to spoil to much here except to say…things get freaky, and the cliffhanger ending leaves you on the edge of the seat.


What’s unique and sets Carrier apart from other story telling podcast is that focal point of the story, and the audio. Now I know we take audio for granted on a podcast, but Carrier instantly makes you regret that. The sound design, voice acting, and sound effects place you right in the center of the action; it tunes in from side to side, creeping in from the back of your ear making you jump out of your skin. The podcast recommend you listen with earphones and I agree, if you listen with Airpods you might have a heart attack. Podcasts like these show you the power of this creative medium – in fact the creator Dan Blank was going to make Carrier into a movie, and decided to produce it as a podcast due to the limitations of Hollywood, or rather the ‘limitations’ of the story.


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In an interview Dan Blank spoke of how he wanted to focus on a black woman as the lead because POC women, and minorities aren’t represented in the trucking industry. Also (frankly speaking) making a movie about a black woman truck driver, with one location just isn’t ‘Hollywood’ material. The great news about podcasts is that its an open market, and if you have something to say (and a microphone) there’s a platform for us that is easy to break into. As POC voices continue to break into other diverse spaces Podcasting arms are wide open, and with the right team you can produce something powerful. Carrier proves this and more, and they’ve inspired other podcast starring POC voices to the fold!


   The company QCode recently produced Black Out another drama podcast which featured Rami Malek, and now Passenger List from RadioTopia starring Kelly Marie Tran is also on the radar for top Podcast to listen too. So as we wind down on the month of October do yourself a favor, and binge Carrier on your podcast platform.

You may lose some sleep, and will think twice about getting inside even an SUV, but its a podcast not to be missed!

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