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Blue Is A Black Woman: A Special Look Into Jurassic World’s Best Character

Blue Is A Black Woman: A Special Look Into Jurassic World’s Best Character

Blue is black.  And yes, I’m talking about a velociraptor.  Fight me.

Aside from my man, Jeff Goldblum making his triumphant return to the franchise (for all of five minutes), I swear Blue is the only character with any real screen presence.  

We may not have gotten Vanessa Lee Chester back as Dr. Malcolm’s daughter, Kelly, but it brings me great comfort to think a black woman lives in the spirit of Blue.  Let’s review the evidence.

Exhibit A:  Out of all the human beings that litter this movie, our girl Blue is the only one to actually get shit done. That girl will fight an indominus rex, an indoraptor or whatever the hell hybrid men think up and slay like it’s nothing.  As these people continue to make a mess of things, Blue flies in to save the day on more than one occasion Auntie Maxine style.

Sidenote: Anybody else think that the indoraptor was a major downgrade from indominus rex? I digress.

Exhibit B:  Scientists are after her DNA like it’s the damn fountain of youth.  Basically the dino Henrietta Lacks, Blue’s strong, empathetic, and a leader.  In other words, she got that black girl magic and everybody wants it. Instead of just appreciating home girl for the miracle that she is, they gotta recreate it and make it better or worse sellable.  Sound familiar?  So, they give us this monstrosity:

Hell no!

Exhibit C:  Blue got the style.  My girl rockin’ the metallic blue skin like she brand new, just stepped out the salon – nails done, hair done, everything did.  I see you, Blue!

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Exhibit D:  She trusted a white dude and she got shot for it.  It kind of wasn’t Owen’s fault, but best believe when that white boy stuck his arm out again, Blue was like nah, b.  I ain’t gettin’ shot again ‘cause of you.

Exhibit E:  The way she looked at Owen when he asked her to come with him and they both looked at that cage?  She looked at him to say, “have you lost your damn mind?” Blue didn’t save your asses a million times just so she could be trapped in a cage…again.  

Take your freedom, boo. You earned it.

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