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Bohten Is Bringing Creative Jobs To West Africa

Bohten Is Bringing Creative Jobs To West Africa

A month ago we featured Bohten5 Eyewear on the site and listed all the reasons you should support this Ghanaian-based business. Bohten is back again to let you know that the Kickstarter relaunched and it only has 5 days remaining!

Founder, Nana Osei, stresses the importance of cultivating a successful business environment for the people of Ghana, especially the youth. Ghanaians are surrounded by a multitude of natural resources but the average person lives with less than $1 USD a day.

“Ghanaians need a platform more than anything else to truly excel and live up to their full potential.”

Supporting Bohten’s Kickstarter isn’t just about getting a cool t-shirt (pledge of $20 or more) or a new pair of stylish frames like Chance the Rapper’s. Your money is funding a lifelong dream to make Ghana a viable business competitor and spread knowledge all over the continent. Bohten plans to build a production facility that hires students from university with artisan experience. They will be responsible for the sanding and polishing of new frames. Bohten will reach out to local artisans so they can lend their skills to those at the production facility. The facility will also provide monthly workshops for students in the area to contribute business ideas that will translate into better product for customers.

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As an added bonus, Nana is offering Quirktastic readers 20% off any reward tier on the Kickstarter site! Here’s how you can redeem your discount:

  1. Click “Make a pledge without a reward”.
  2. Pledge the amount for the reward you want.
  3. Deduct the 20% discount from your reward amount.
  4. Email with the code ‘QT20’ so they know we sent you!

Please consider donating to Bohten’s Kickstarter! The glasses are quality products but moreover, the mission is one we can all get behind. After you check out the Kickstarter page, let us know what your favorite frame style is in the comments!


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