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BOOM! It’s Morphin’ Time!

BOOM! It’s Morphin’ Time!

Power Rangers continues to withstand the test of time in the pages of this brilliant comic.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers by BOOM! Studios (2016 – present) is a modernized reboot of the original 1993 series of the same name and has very little in common with the 2017 Lionsgate movie that let us all down.  While it is a reboot the original characters are there, the core themes are still present and Bulk and Skull are a whole mess.

This review is to wet your whistle! So let’s take a look at Volume One of the series which collects issues one through four.

Issue one immediately plunges you into the power dynamics at play, teen angst and a litany of other issues that occur when teens with attitude have super powers. Personally, the teen angst of the 2017 movie is part of the reason I disliked it despite being a power rangers fan. The angst in this series is very seamless and included in a way that helps the story progress. 

This comic not only thrusts the reader into the action immediately but also allows for these characters we’ve grown up with to have a depth we never got to see in the show. BOOM! Studios does a fantastic job of blending nostalgia with the need for something more without going down too dark of a path (see MMPR fan film for reference). Character development, conflict, contention and so much more can be found within the pages of this series.

 Jason, the fearless leader, is shown to question his own abilities while desperately trying to make a recently rehabilitated team member fall in line. Tommy is battling his inner demon, Rita Repulsa, while trying his best to be a part of the team while still maintaining his agency. This butting of heads makes for some very compelling scenes. Adding to that conflict, Zach, who is loyal to Jason, really does not seem to like Tommy as a teammate or person which causes some major issues near the end of this volume. Last but not least, Kimberly, who is going through her own issues at home, finds herself not only falling for Tommy but often going against the rangers to aid him.

Relatively neutral parties in all situations are Billy and Trini who have their heads where it matters. Billy being the brain of the operation means he needs to know the in’s and out’s of all of their technology, not the drama. Trini seems to be on the side of just helping people get along so they can do their jobs and she can, as it is hinted, go on with her life after her duties as a ranger are done. I’m ready for Aisha, fight me!

My final thoughts on this volume of the comic are that you should definitely pick it up if you’re a fan of the original power rangers or great comics in general. Despite it being set in present times, the morphinominal feel is still there. It is a bit more mature in the sense that it does approach certain occurrences in a more realistic way (people actually die off-screen). It is not mature for maturities sake though, it’s as realistic as a comic about teens with superpowers can be. The best part about this series is that If they called it “People Fighting Giant Ass Robots and Stuff,” I’d enjoy it just as much.The artistic style inside is pretty standard and easy to read. They have come out with some pretty amazing variant covers as well. The pacing is superb as it keeps you interested the entire time. Because I am only reviewing the first volume, I cannot say too much but there are some super surprises waiting in the later issues.


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If you are interested in reading, the volumes and single issues can be purchased on Comixology. It is easily the quickest and most cost effective way to get your comic fix. Most comic shops will have the most recent issues as well! There are currently twenty-four single issues and four volumes available so, feel free to binge read. 

If you are interested in more Power Ranger titles by BOOM! Studios, here is some info:

  • Go Go Power Rangers is a spin off of the main title (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) that goes into the team’s days immediately after becoming rangers. It focuses mainly on their daily lives so, if you want more angst, this is a great side by side to the main title.
  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink is a spinoff taking places after Kim transfers her powers to go compete in the Pan Global Games.
  • Justice League/Power Ranger is the crossover I never knew I needed. 
  • Power Rangers: Aftershock is a graphic novel based on the 2017 Lionsgate movie. I have not gotten around to picking this up yet because I’m still grieving.


Have you read volume one? Have you read the entire series so far and can’t wait for Shattered Grid to drop? Let us know!

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