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ARMY Has Mixed Feeling About BTS Performing In Saudi Arabia

ARMY Has Mixed Feeling About BTS Performing In Saudi Arabia

BTS Saudi concert

Today, BTS made history. What else is new?

That is just how Bangtan Sonyeondan rolls.

The performance was announced months ago. The septet became the first foreign artist ever to perform a solo show at Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Stadium earlier yesterday.

Thousands of fans in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia lit up their ARMY bombs with glee. Some BTS fans that are based outside the “usual” tour stops may never get to see their faves live. This was a rare chance for Saudi ARMY to experience a BTS concert in real life.

Maybe this is a sign of hope for ARMY (and K-Pop fans in general) that live outside of the Americas, Europe, and Asia. African ARMY it’s only a matter of time!

Saudi, International, and K-ARMY were seemingly united when it came to being excited about the performance.

Many fans were scrambling to find the right very illegal livestream. On the other hand, some fans had reservations about BTS performing in Saudi Arabia.

The country is reportedly one of the worse places regarding human rights. Which arguably goes against what BTS preaches. However, some fans pointed out this concert was for fans, not a sign of support of Saudi Arabia’s political issues. 

Here are some fans reactions:

Arab ARMY deserves a chance to see them just like everyone else

Does performing in SA go against what they’re preaching?

Former ARMY has some thoughts

Its just for fans – right?


Some points were possibly made

Honestly, this was the real struggle

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