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Beauty in Budding Kawaii Creative’s Brand

Beauty in Budding Kawaii Creative’s Brand

Arcissa Jackson is a talented creative of color who has been running her own tattoo shop called Harajuku Tattoo in Jacksonville, FL for almost two years. She’s been featured on Quirktastic before but we wanted to check in with her so we could hear about how well business is going, what new things she has in the works, and a few opinions on quirky culture and how she fits in!

Quirktastic: How exactly did you get into creating kawaii things?

Arcissa: I was born and raised in Japan until I was 13 years old. After that I moved to Hawaii and then north Florida because my father was in the Navy. Growing up in Japan heavily influenced my creativity and my art style. Kawaii designs are easily a big part of my artistic flair.

Quirktastic: How long have you been tattooing?

Arcissa: Four years. I’ve held 3 apprenticeships and I’m going on my 2nd year tattooing on my own. I opened my storefront, Harajuku Tattoo, so I could put my creativity to work. Harajuku is a fashion district in Japan whose eccentric design borrows from Western culture while retaining important Japanese elements. I felt that including it in my name embodies my artistic style.

Quirktastic: That’s amazing! Would you say starting and maintaining a business is easy for you?

Arcissa: Whew. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Even though my sun sign is Sagittarius I have a lot of Capricorn in my chart so I’m very hardworking and entrepreneurial. In my working life I’ve held over 60 jobs before I started thinking about going into business for myself. With that mindset I’ve always made sure to invest in myself always. That small practice helped me open Harajuku Tattoo. My shop is amazing and looks great but that doesn’t mean I don’t have troubles. I am the main person on my team so I wear a lot of hats (even down to janitor, haha). I was nervous to leave the secure place of a stable income, but I value working for myself and I put in the effort to keep going.

Quirktastic: That’s a great way to think. You mentioned astrology in your previous answer. Are you knowledgeable about the stars?

Arcissa: Yes! I study regularly and use astrology and numerology to get in touch with my clients to provide a personal element to the design they request.

Quirktastic: We’ve talked about the business side of things enough. Tell me more about your quirky side! What are you into right now?

Arcissa: Oh yay! I’ve been obsessing over this show called Miira no Kaikata (How to Keep a Mummy). I’ve been researching and practicing the Law of Attraction. As a workaholic I need to make sure I keep myself motivated and focused on my goals. Also I’m super obsessed with bubbles!! I keep a few wands in my shop, car, and purse. Blowing bubbles helps me feel carefree and helps my stress levels.

Quirktastic: As someone who has been a part of nerd culture from an early age, what’s your opinion on the rise of things like anime, comics, etc. in popular culture?

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Arcissa: I’m a huge fan. It’s great for business of course, haha! On a more serious note, I’m a half Black half Filipino woman who grew up in Japan. Like I said before I embraced the Japanese culture that surrounded me in my formative years. When I moved to the US I experienced culture shock. After adjusting to American culture, I found myself becoming more confident while enjoying “nerdy” things. I’m glad that anime, astrology, and healing crystals are trendy. It seems like the masses are opening their minds and I’m so supportive! I think it’s better to be inclusive than to leave people out.

Quirktastic: SAY THAT! Before we wrap things up do have anything special to share with the readers? Any exclusives?

Arcissa: Yes! I’ve been working on a small brand under Harajuku Tattoo called “Local Angel”. It’s an assortment super kawaii gift packages that I will debut at ArtWalk next week and I’ll ship out online orders! The contents will include up to (4) custom kawaii stickers, a Macbook Air compact mirror, a heart gem pen, a sage/smudge stick, a small angel aura crystal, and a Japanese candy. The prices will range from $15-$35 depending on the package.

Quirktastic: GIRL PLEASE SAVE ME ONE. Thanks for giving Quirktastic some of your time and we hope to see more from you in the future!

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The full moon really took a toll on a lot of us especially our friend, Arcissa. She was so stressed she considered closing her shop! Don’t fret she’s not going to do that but she’s in need of some monetary support. This is her first business and she’s doing well but that doesn’t mean things always run smoothly. If you aren’t interested in the Local Angel kawaii packs but want to contribute to her, visit her here (

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