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Meet Burlesque Dancer Turned Boutique Owner, Kiara Randolph of Couture Mannequin

Meet Burlesque Dancer Turned Boutique Owner, Kiara Randolph of Couture Mannequin


Fasten your seat belts and tap into your inner fierce and prepare as we dive into destination, Couture Mannequin. Meet Kiara Randolph, the woman who went from designing burlesque costumes to opening one of the hottest online millennial boutique around.

When a random woman in Hawaii offered Randolph $300 for a dress she was actually wearing, she just knew she had to create a fashion destination where women can tap into their inner FIERCE.

“I was a burlesque dancer in Hawaii for about 3 years. My closet was full of nothing but costumes. I basically spent all my money creating outfits for me to dance in. After I stopped dancing, I still had a closet full of costumes, so I decided to recreate these outfits for everyday wear for me. I would wear my creations out in the world and people wanted to buy my clothing off my back.”

As we all know the good ole 1990’s were just EVERYTHING it was the decade that gave us life, music, dance, vibing and clothing. The decade definitely sparked the inspiration for Couture Mannequin.

“I am a 90’s baby so statement jackets, bold accessories and retro bottoms are in my blood. I feel the 90’s was just a party and that’s what I want my clothing to represent. Bold & Exciting!” The 1990’s aren’t the only inspiration for the online boutique, Kiara encourages consumers of the sites to tap into their alter ego. Fashion rules exit the building when you enter the world of Couture Mannequin, you leave behind the status quo and become whomever the hell it is that you want to be. Freedom of expression just like us here at

“One day you can be Mrs. Obama, a confident in charge woman to a French whore, who is seductive and charming. Couture Mannequin makes and breaks the fashion rules!”

“I try to create/scout for outfits that tap into your alter ego. Couture Mannequin provides freedom and expression for all girls. Who is the woman who wears Couture Mannequin? She is a mysterious woman who turns heads as she walks into any room. She’s effortless and free…simply flawless. She feels just as hot and confident in bright colors as she does in black. She is a socialite and a party girl. Everyone whispers in awe and wonders who she is and what IT is about her that sets her apart. They all want to know her and BE her.”

Seeing a business come to life is a magical experience some people who compare to birthing a baby. Very often we as millennials get wrapped up in the glamour and current success presented to us on social media etc. Behind the scenes of making it all come together can be a bit rough but it’s just an rewarding experience.

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Here is Kiara’s key advice to millennials entrepreneurs.

“Look for mentors! If I had a mentor when I first started, I would of not wasted so much money. Your goal is always to work smarter. So network with creatives in your field and the opportunities are endless.”

Social media has become this amazing market for growth amongst businesses and consumers. It gives the business a chance to reach the consumer in a different light. Consumers have a chance to experience the lifestyle associated with the brand.

“People do not just want to see the model in “catalog style” anymore. They want to see lifestyle.

“How can I wear this piece in my everyday routine. I try to work with influencers/bloggers to style my pieces in many ways they can think of. Social media is an amazing marketing ground that has help me connect with influencers, designers and other creatives. There are so many boutiques out there with the same pieces. I work with local designer to make my collections stand out. Working with upcoming stylist/designers keeps my collections unique and fresh.”

Be sure to check out Couture Mannequin, tap into your inner fierce or your inner Michelle Obama and to join the tribe on Instagram.


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