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Cardcaptor Sakura’s 7 Best Cosplay-Worthy Looks!

Cardcaptor Sakura’s 7 Best Cosplay-Worthy Looks!

When it comes to costume changes, few other anime’s have Cardcaptor Sakura beat. Thanks Tomoyo!

Cardcaptor Sakura’s many costume changes are all cosplay worthy but there are a few that stand above the rest. This was hard to make so, if you think a costume should have made the list, leave a comment and let us know!

1: The Quintessential Sakura Dress.

The red beret, the ribbon bows and the piles of tulle scream kawaii badass! Tomoyo nailed this look! This was a great opening look for our magical gal. Seeing someone cosplay this at a con will insight instant fan-girlery.

What you’ll need:

  • Red spaghetti strap dress with gold ribbon at the hem.
  • White blouse with puffed and frilled sleeves. Red bow at the collar.
  • Many layered tulle skirt to support the top dress layer.
  • White gloves with ruffles at the wrists and red bow.
  • Red Beret with ribbon flowing from the back.


2: Shadow Card Battle Costume.

This is one of the more practical costumes designed for Sakura. While Edna Mode may clock it for the long cape, it is truly one Tomoyo’s more functional designs. The term “functional” is being used semi-loosely here.

What you’ll need:

  • Navy blue, long sleeved leotard.
  • Navy blue thigh high stockings.
  • White vest-tailcoat with gold trim for the hem and fake pockets. Or make real pockets!
  • Red and white sneakers for maximum butt-kicking ability.
  • White gloves with wide white cuffs.
  • Red Beret
  • Long red cape with a large red bow that brings it all together. The cape seems to have sections as well so, keep that in mind if you make this cosplay.


3. Rubber Kitty Anyone?

What should the magical girl on the go wear to capture the Thunder card? A pink and black rubber cat costume of course! Besides the bells, this entire piece is canonically mostly rubber! How cool is that? Very. If making this entirely of rubber is making you cringe, no worries, just use organic fabrics.

What you’ll need:

  • Full body black unitard (turtleneck will work best).
  • The main top is a pink apron style top with big ruffle sleeves.
  • The skirt is made up of looks to be black and white tulle or many layers of ruffled fabric.
  • Pink and black boots. Some photos show them being ankle-high and others show them being calf-high.
  • At the back of the apron- like top is a bow with two bells hanging from the tails.
  • A bell at the top of the bodysuit and apron top.
  • Headband with cat ears. Surprise, no beret on this one.

4. The Original and the Revamp

Sometimes Tomoyo takes an old look and makes it new again. This look is from season 1 but got a revamp in the most recent Clear Card Arc. The original (top) was used to capture The Watery Card. Tomoyo made it to be water-proof to save Sakura from a slippery end. The revamp outfit (bottom) is used to capture The Spiral Card. Funnily enough, both cards are captured at the aquarium! Which do you prefer, OG Jester Fab or Modern Cardcaptor Chic?

What you’ll need for The Blue Jester:

  • Sleeveless, dark blue leotard.
  • White top layer has large open sleeves with triangular shoulders, and little tails extending from the bottom that end in little yellow balls. The two back tails extend to the floor.
  • Long, dark blue gloves.
  • Dark blue ankle-high boots with yellow balls on the pointed tips. White trim around the opening.
  • The Jester Hat has two yellow balls at the end of the long tips and two buttons on the white opening of the hat.
From Clamp Studios

What you’ll need for Aquamarine Jester:

  • Aquamarine thin-strapped dress with three yellow buttons down the center. This will extend into lighter blue triangular tips that end in little yellow balls. The back tips are longer than the front tips.
  • White under shirt/vest with high collar and a yellow ball at the opening.
  • Blue tulle skirt under the top.
  • Long aquamarine gloves.
  • Thigh high aquamarine boots.
  • Aquamarine jester cap with short tips that end in yellow balls. The opening is lined in white with two yellow circles on either side of the hat.

5. Magical girl Magical Prince!

This is an unintentional captor costume. That being said, The Light card and the The Dark card appeared during a play featuring Sakura and friends so, duty called. This is one of the more intricate of her many costumes. Kind of wishing they did a special Tomoyo sew-along after every episode.

What you’ll need:

  • Jacket (maybe a kawaii version of a Renaissance noblemen jacket/tailcoat): Primarily blue with gold trim and gold fasteners with pink jewels on either side in the front. Puffy sleeves are alternating red and blue fabric with a pronounced red cuff with gold trim and gold button with pink jewels in the middle. White collar with a long lapel and red neckerchief with a pink jewel pinning it to the shirt.
  • Red short trews (puffy short pants).
  • Thigh high dark brown boots with gold buckle, circular pink jewels on either side.
  • The floor length cape is red on the outside, white on the inside and attached at the shoulders with large pink jewel pins.

6. Poor little Witch Girl.

This battle suit was used to capture The Storm Card! It is a tad simpler in terms of moving parts but still makes a solid impression. A lot of the components of this piece are familiar from the long tipped hat to the multi-tailed cape, however, it’s still worth mentioning. This piece would make for a very comfortable cosplay! Movable, breathable and super cute.

What you’ll need:

  • Black body suit, sleeveless.
  • High-waist dark blue shorts with black trim. Two black buttons on the top and to the side.
  • Thigh high stocking that match the color of the shorts.
  • black ankle boots.
  • Black gloves.
  • The cape is made of three colors! Red on the inside, blue on the outside and a yellow trim! Same with the hood attached to the cape.
  • The hat has a circle brim with red on the inside, the blue extends into a long tip (no bells or balls).
  • To finish off the look, add a winged pendant to close the cape.

7. Monochromatic Magic

This look is actually one of my favorites and rarity in the Sakura Battle Suit collection because its so muted. This is honestly something I could see being modified and worn out to a nice event. Anyway, here is the costume and the main components to pay attention to. Here is Sakura’s Gray Star look.

What you’ll need:

See Also

  • White jacket/tailcoat with black buttons down the front, black trim and a high collar.
  • The dress underneath of the jacket is assumed to be sleeveless (use your best guess), with a gray color blocking in the front and pleated white fabric to make up the rest of it. Super cute, super chic.
  • Mid-forearm gray gloves with black trim at the openings.
  • Gray beret! More berets!
  • Thigh-high gray boots with a split at the top and black buttons on the side.
  • Golden star medals with black ribbon adorn the front of the coat and side of the beret.


Bonus looks I want for my closet:


From Clamp Studios
From Clamp Studios









Did your favorite Cardcaptor Battle Suit appear on this list? Are you watching the new season of Cardcaptor Sakura? Let us know in the comments below!

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