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CB Spotlight: The Bull’s eye to Green Arrow!

CB Spotlight: The Bull’s eye to Green Arrow!

This hero may resemble Robin Hood but he inspires the people of his town with a different mask.

    The Emerald Archer has been around since 1941 and stealing the spotlight from his other DC comrades in the universe since the 60s. Green Arrow has encouraged many a people to don their hood and cape as he doesn’t stand for corrupt justice, and uses his own privilege as the star of Queen city to combat the ill ilk villains of his town. And, the fact he sports a bad ass archer and bow is a huge plus too! As I am giddy with anticipation, lets delve into the sharp shooter himself – Green Arrow!

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Name: Oliver Queen

Origin: If Green Arrow seems a lot like Batman – that isn’t a coincidence. Due to the fact that Batman was so popular, DC wanted to create a hero that was similar enough to the capped crusader so as to not burn Batman out in the public eye. However, unlike Batman Oliver Queen’s exact origin story has changed many times, but all roads (err waves), leads back to him being stranded on a island. Armed with his wits, spirits, and archer and bow Oliver Queen managed to survive on the island until he was able to journey back home to Queen city. 

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Powers: As noted above Arrow is alike to Batman in more ways than one (seriously!) Like Batman, Green Arrow is not a meta human with superpowers, but someone who has honed (and frankly) has enough money to give him the abilities he needs to hang with the best of ‘em. In addition to his straight shot archery, hand-to-hand combat, and other high tech weapons in his arrows, Oliver Queen has a barrage of other toys to fight crime with. 

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    He once had an arrow-car, an arrow-plane, and (you guessed it) an arrow-cave to keep all his gadgets in. He also had his own Arrow-signal to signal when he needed to fight his villains such as a clown like villain named Bull’s Eyes, who oddly enough, resembles another infamous clown villain we all know (and maybe love). 

Interesting facts: #1 His Moral Code is on Another Level:

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     Regardless of which superhero universe your a fan of we all know the one thing they share is to not kill. In Batman’s case, he is a stickler to it much to the villains (and sometimes fans) displeasure. Oliver Queen on the other hand does not seem to be holden to the same rule. While he doesn’t kill at will Oliver Queen’s temper has loosed his arrow into a few villains’ heart. When the villain Prometheus went on a tirade, and murdered an innocent girl, Oliver Queen dashed out revenge in the form of a bolt between the eyes. All things considered he did have to kill to survive for as long as he did on the island – could it be possible that it feels like human nature to the Emerald hero?!

#2: Born on a Monday, fought on a Friday:

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    Green Arrow has come up against many a formidable foe but any hero that has tussled with Solomon Grundy will tell you it can be quite crushing (sometimes literally). So, it should be no surprise that Green Arrow fought the grey giant he did not come out unscathed. After Roy Harper and Oliver Queen returned to the arrow-cave, they found Solomon Grundy had setup camp. Grundy, startled, knocked out Roy and Green Arrow was the only left to tackle the villain. He claims the only reason for his win against Grundy was because the villain threatened his friends. So our hard broiled hero also wears his heart on his sleeve!

#3:Epic Burn: He turned down the Justice League:

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    It seems near impossible to get an invitation to the Justice League much less the opportunity to turn them down. But, as we know Oliver Queen is not your average hero (although he is an exact carbon copy of another one) but that’s another discussion. Batman trusted (another impossible feat) Green Arrow implicitly and wanted him to join the League to keep the other heroes on the straight and narrow. Oliver originally turned this offer down because he felt the Justice League’s focus on eliminating worldly threats made them forget about the everyday people on the ground. Of course, Green Arrow did eventually join the Justice League but his withhold just made his character that much more unique. 

#4: The Magnificent Seven:

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    There are so many superhero groups that it is near impossible to keep track of them, but Oliver Queen’s Seven Soldiers of Victory are unique at least in their make up. When a super villain named the Hand realizes he is terminally ill he sends his plans for an elaborate crime to other villains in the area. He then challenged the Seven Soldiers to rise to the occasion of battling against these heroes.

     Green Arrow joined up with his other affiliates and the Seven Soldiers were born! While they were short lived the Seven Soldiers were revamped several times in the comics, and all of them included some epic battle in one way or another. Another group for DC to put in the cinematic works…(who knows!)

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     Green Arrow may imitate Batman’s style and is deeply inspired by Robin Hood but he is still one a kind. His time surviving on island has given him skills and wit not even many meta humans posses. It also doesn’t come as surprise that he has as much heart as he does a dark side, and his mate is no different! That’s why next week spotlight will be on a hero that is awe inspiring to me because she has a bad ass persona and a cry that will put you to tears.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 5.11.09 PM Ever wonder why the caged bird sings? 


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