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This Children’s Book Is Showing Black Kids That Imagination Is Beautiful

This Children’s Book Is Showing Black Kids That Imagination Is Beautiful

Too often black children are raised without the approval of expressing their imagination. In 2018, talented authors and illustrators like Danielle Anderson-Craig and Carly Dooling are working to change that.

The Magic of We is an illustrated poem in which two children discover the wonders of using their imaginations.

The book is a celebration of childhood and play, of Black children simply being kids while exploring and creating their own world.”

– Danielle Anderson-Craig

The colorful tale was inspired by Anderson-Craig’s long term partner and best friend, Isaiah “Ikey” Owens, Grammy award winning keyboardist/organ player best known for his work with Saul Williams, The Mars Volta, and Jack White (of the White Stripes). Since his passing in 2014, Anderson-Craig began working on the book to serve as tribute and so that children may also find their kindred spirit through creativity.

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After reading this book, I’m inspired and hopeful. To have this representation  for our children is amazing. Diving deeper into my own imagination through the pages of this book made it easy to see why even as an adult, having an imagination is important to our world. As people of color, the harsh realities of the world tend to hit us sooner than others. This book encourages black children to just be. Be children, be creative, think outside the box. It also serves as a reminder that we’re not alone and that there is someone out there who accepts and appreciates all of our quirks.

Through various uses of color, mythical creatures and climbing to seemingly impossible heights, The Magic of We is a timeless tale that every child should read.


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