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Comic Book Spotlight: Captain America

Comic Book Spotlight: Captain America

With Avengers: Endgame being released all of our favorite superheroes are in the spotlight. A hard battle fought, tears cried, and cheers rejoiced. But there’s one hero, in my opinion, who deserves this spotlight the most. Seeing as how our first Avenger has been with us for 10+ years, its pretty explanatory that Steve Rogers became Captain America after an experiment during axis World War II. So in this spotlight we will focus on his powers, and best known facts! Without further ado, I present to you Captain America.

Powers: As we all know Captain America is a skilled commander in the field, his military expertise unparalleled, and strength is pretty much unmatched (we shall never forget that scene where he nudged Thor’s Hammer). In addition to this, the Super Soldier serum has enhanced his metabolism, making him immune to all earthly diseases, and keeping him from fatigue.

    His uniform is a separate matter all together as it is fire-retardent, and bullet proof. Captain America can also heal rapidly (sometimes in seconds, worst-case in a day), his shield is fortified with the strongest metal in the world, and a fun one…he can’t get drunk!

Interesting Facts: #1 The First Avenger…Not Quite. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe majority of us think that Captain America was apart of the original Avengers but he wasn’t! The original team was Iron-Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man & The Wasp (makes sense they were left un…poofed Avengers: Infinity War). It wasn’t until Cap defrosted in ice and the Avengers came upon him he joined. Talk about a stroke of genius!

#2 Before Mrs. Doubt Fire…Mrs. Captain America is in town. You know they saying, if you want a job done right – do it as a woman! Our Captain America is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. This includes dressing up as a grandmother in drag in an effort to waltz into Germany and retrieve stolen money. Talk about a post credit scene in the First Avenger film!

#3 He took on Red Skull – depowered! In a 1999 issue of Captain America lost his Super Soldier serum, and in true villain fashion Red Skull (a recent pop up in the movies) decided to kick Cap when he was down. But, as Captain America always reminds us, his true strength lies beneath the surface, not just in a experiment. Captain America handed out a can of whoop ass Red Skull still feels in the soul stone waiting room.

#4 Captain America gained respect…from the Justice League! We know Captain America has garnished respect for many of epic heroes, Thor himself is quoted saying ‘he would follow Captain into the gates of Hell, if Captain America said so’. He is an expert leader, and inspiration for the masses this seems to include the Justice gang themselves. Long ago, in a far away land (well not that long ago), Marvel and DC teamed up in crossover issues. The premise is the these two Super teams came to battle it out and then fight against a common enemy.

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Captain America shined like never before in a mano y mano fist fight with the masked crusader, in which finally Batman decided picking a fight with Cap wasn’t worth it. Then in the preparation for their final battle, Superman (the leader of all time) deferred to Captain America when it came time to get to business. There’s only one word for that – R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

         So there we have it, Captain America (one of my favorite superheroes EVER) is the pinnacle of human embodiment. Our Cap is selfless, willing to lay down his life, and pass on his mantle for the betterment of the human race. And in my opinion, there was no better soul to play them, then Chris Evans himself. It may have been Captain America’s EndGame, but he will never end in our hearts.

Speaking of having heart there’s another honorable Superhero that lies in the DC universe who doesn’t mind sacrificing just as much as Captain America did. Be on the lookout for Wally West – The Flash spotlight next week!


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