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Comic Book Spotlight: How The Ultimate Spider-Man beats out the Amazing One!

Comic Book Spotlight: How The Ultimate Spider-Man beats out the Amazing One!

            “Alright, people let’s do this one last time…”

Hearing this sentence gives every blerd, nerd, and comic fan alike an exhilarating rush! Spiderman into the Spiderverse has barely been out a year, and yet Miles Morales is still buzzing on everyone’s tongue. Spiderverse was the movie that showed the true capacity of what animation can be, its powerful tool for storytelling, and its ability to adapt to any lucky person who grabs hold of it! I won’t say that this comic book spotlight isn’t an excuse to shamelessly plug Miles Morales, the Afro-Latino male who gets bit by a radioactive spider. So without further ado, I present The Ultimate Spider-Man!

Origin: The movie successfully adapted a lot of Miles and his lovable qualities to the screen. The character was created by the great Brian Michael Bendis in 2011, and in the wake of President Obama’s presidency. In his debut comic, Ultimate Fallout #4 we learn that Miles path to becoming the Ultimate Spiderman is a bit different from what is shown in the film.

Uncle Aaron is still the super cool/ villain Prowler, but unlike the movie, he steals the radioactive spider from Osborn labs. When Miles visits Uncle Aaron in the comic books it is then that radioactive spider gets loose and bites Miles.

Powers: Again the movie pretty much nails this with Miles being able to disappear at will, power up with electric blue, and of course that AMAZING sequence in which he leaps from a skyscraper! But as Morales was bitten by a higher defined radioactive spider he has several distinct powers from our classic Peter B.

   Miles can camouflage into his surroundings, his healing is accelerated, and even his web shooters are golden threads of energy. But, perhaps the most awesome power that Miles has is his use of Venom!

            Miles has two venom powers in his arsenal being the Venom Blast and the Venom Strike. The Venom blast is Miles strongest as it separates the symbiotes from its host, in which Miles can channel that through his hand to do serious damage to a lethal enemy!

     If the blasts doesn’t one shot an enemy, his Venom strike will, as it pumps up a powerful blow behind any punch to KO a large enemy. The venom strike will also temporarily paralyze an enemy allowing Miles the opportunity to get away. These powers make Miles one of the most powerful in the universe, and also seems appropriate to note as there is talk of a Venom and Spider-man cross over (but more on that later).

Interesting Facts #1: Captain America and the Two Spidermen:      We know Captain America: Civil War (still one of the greatest Marvel films to me) has a surprise run in with Peter Parker’s Spiderman that left poor Parker knocked out on the ground. However, it seems that Captain America met his match in Miles Morales in Civil War II. When the Inhuman Ulysses has a vision of Miles standing over Steve Rodgers Captain America’s dead body in D.C. (good thing we won’t get to see this play out in theaters).

#2: Uncle Scar meet the Prowler: We all love the tear-jerking, sweet scene of Uncle Aarons death in Spider-Verse, but in actuality Uncle Aaron didn’t have as much heart. The Prowler saw Miles Morales Spider-Man as his weapon to use for blackmail and as an enforcer. As Uncle Aaron fell from Miles good graces, he threatens to share Miles secret with his parents – tearing apart his family forever. So it seems like really cool uncles are all in the betraying, murdering, and deceiving business.

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#3: Ultimate Spiderman vs Ultimate Galactus: Marvel has given us a fair share of planet crushing villains but Galactus seems to reign supreme. A cosmic entity whose sole purpose is to consume whole planets to sustain his life force is not someone we want visiting earth anytime soon. When a rupture happens in the Marvel universe, Ultimate Galactus sets out to destroy the earth he finds himself on- only to be foiled by Miles Morales and Mister Fantastic! So while Miles didn’t beat Galactus by himself he came pretty darn close.

#4: S.H.I.E.L.D.: The name says it all as this government agency has so many members its hard to keep count. None the less the fact that Miles Morales is a S.H.I.E.L.D agent at his age says a lot about this loveable character. There isn’t much information revealed  about Miles time as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, but it is revealed this his father Jefferson Davis has had a run in with the agency a time or two. Anyway it goes, whatever mission S.H.I.E.L.D is going up against its smart to have Miles on their side!

            Another favorite line from our Spider Ham – “it can get weirder!” sums up our Black Spiderman perfectly! Miles Morales is a kid who still has a lot ahead of him, but has proven he is worth the powers in every way. There is no telling what adventures are in store for this hero and his spider verse pals, but fans will be down for the ride either way!

Getting to see the full extent of Miles powers from his venom strike to electric blasts will prove to be a stellar film, and that’s why next week comic book spotlight will focus on another electric superhero – Storm!

            The Goddess is here!

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