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Comic Book Spotlight: Thanos The Mad Titan!

Comic Book Spotlight: Thanos The Mad Titan!

         Play the fanfare and bring out the drums! Today one of the long awaited conclusion to the Avengers, and most importantly the worlds’ fate will premiere on the big screen.

Fans all over the world will be lining up outside their favorite theater to see their favorite Avenger get ready to battle to the fullest (…possibly the death) as Thanos is going to be sure to put up a fight like no other. That’s why this comic book spotlight will future the harbinger of destruction himself – Thanos The Mad Titan!

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Name: Thanos the Titan

Origin: Born on Saturn’s Moon Titan (hence Thanos the Titan) he was the son of two Eternals. Thanos was actually considered quite docile growing up, living under his brother Eros shadow, but it wasn’t until he became fascinated with death (Mistress Death to be exact) he became obsessed with destruction of the world. Using his superior scientific knowledge he became larger in his physical strength and powers. He once had many offspring but killed them off in his sacrifice for Mistress Death.

Powers: Super strength and immortality pretty much come with the package. Thanos can also absorb and basically spit back out vast quantities of cosmic energy, has psyhic abilities and can use telepathy. He also has the deviant gene that gives him his physical experience and makes him superior to pretty much any being human or otherwise!


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Interesting tidbits: #1 Double Trouble! Eros, Thanos youngest brother, and an easy-going womanizer is an Avenger. When Thanos launched his first major attack against their home planet Titan Eros began to take life more seriously. He fought alongside Captain Mar-vell at the time, and the Avengers to defeat Thanos (the only time its been done). After this battle Eros joined Earth’s mightiest heroes for good under the name Starfox!

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#2- Even in Love, Even in Death This is the most shocking to me! Thanos destruction of half the planet wasn’t always a ‘noble’ cause about balancing out Earth’s resources. Thanos originally wiped out half the planet as an act for his greatest love – Mistress Death. But alas Mistress Death spurned Thanos as even killing half the planet in addition to his people on Titan was not enough.

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#3- The Nutty…Titan?! Thanos has had multiple clones. After conducting extensive research on genetics Titan decided to have some fun and put his experiments to the test. He used his studies on Earth’s heroes, and villians, cloned them and gene-spliced his own DNA creating the exact versions of himself! These clones have resulted in Thanos Professor – X, Iron Man, Doctor Strange (talk about out of this world), Galactus and Gladiator. Essentially, this is a creative plot device used to fix any loop holes in Thanos stories. So who knows, the shocking end to End game maybe it isn’t the real Thanos at all…apparently the Thanos possibilities are endless!

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#4- He was defeated by Squirrel Girl! You read it right, Thanos was defeated by a Squirrel Girl. Squirrel girl was a squirrel personified and she along with her squirrel companions defeated Thanos, how isn’t exactly explained but it is assumed she used all her squirrels to overpower him when he crashed landed on earth. Now while your having a good laugh this isn’t exactly Marvel cannon. However, what better way to see a Mad Titan get defeated by a…squirly situation! Talk about female power!

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    So there you have it, the Big Bad himself in all his glory. Like I said the possibilities of how Thanos will end in a couple of days are endless. In the comics its stated that Nebula is actually the one to disarm Thanos which allows everyone else to finish him off.  While it’s a major spoiler it still would be extremely fitting to see, and more likely to show up in some sense in the movie. And, if that isn’t enough Captain America is definitely known to be the cause of Thanos demise, even at the cost of his own, (tears!)

    That’s why next week’s comic book spotlight will salute the one and honorable Captain America. Tune into see The First Avenger next week and be sure to tune into Endgame this weekend!

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