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Comic Book Spotlight: The Ferocious Feline Is Here!

Comic Book Spotlight: The Ferocious Feline Is Here!

King. Warrior. Hero. Enough said – The Black Panther is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and that’s saying a lot considering he is a superhero behind a mask!

Black Panther as an entity himself has garnished over a billion dollars since his inception in 1977. T’Challa is not only the wealthiest hero in the marvel universe, but he also has fought with the Fantastic Four, captured time traveling golden frogs, and tussled with the KKK. This dynamic hero is one and all, and that’s why this comic book spotlight will focus on our powerful feline Black Panther!

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Origin: T’Challa didn’t make his first appearance until a Fantastic Four issue in which he initially attacks the group. He reveals that Ulysses Klaw sought to use vibranium as a way to power his incredible sound weapon. When T’Challa’s father tried to stop him Ulysses had him killed when T’Challa was a boy. This is what set T’Challa on the path to revenge, and reclaim the throne of Wakanda.

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Powers: It’s a well known fact T’Challa gets the bulk of his power from vibranium including being able to teleport, become invisible, etc. But, T’Challa also has quite a few surprising powers through his comic book run. For one T’Challa use to be able to see into the future as this was granted to him through a vampire Kiber the cruel. However, when T’Challa tracks Kiber down and destroys his energy source – his sightseeing goes away.

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   Thanks to the genius Shuri – T’Challa’s suit can allow him to absorb energy, a massive amount of pain, and…walk on water! Because, the vibranium in his suit absorbs whatever surface T’Challa pounces on it makes him extremely flexible, and water is no different. While he isn’t able to walk on water in a straight line (more like a trampoline) he still has a large amount of leniency than any hero out there. You know what they say, all cats land on their feet!

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Interesting Facts: #1 Black Panther and the Lazarus Effect: T’Challa has been called many things but King of the Dead is a new one entirely. Apparently, T’Challa has been known to converse with the dead many times, even leading an army of zombies to defeat Emperor Doom in a Secret Wars Issue #7. Another point in time, T’Challa channels the spirit of Necropolis to defeat another powerful enemy. So he can harness the most powerful metal on earth, and he can also raise the dead…sounds like a certain somebody (starts with an Kil ends with a B. Jordan) may make an appearance in Black Panther 2?!

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#2: T’Challa the Space Case! During his time with the Fantastic Four, T’Challa and Storm took to the cosmos on a mission to discover who stole Gravity’s body. apparently he fought one of their greatest enemies The Silver Surfer. It is there T’Challa has a show down with the Silver Surfer in which the only way he took the Surfer down… was a good ol’ fashioned arm lock. However, it wasn’t T’Challa’s invincible strength that helped him master Galactus, but a machine designed to weaken any being with special abilities. It’s a good thing the Silver Surfer didn’t turn the weapon on T’Challa – that battle could have gone a different way!

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#3: Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati  – That’s right – T’Challa, yours truly, is apart of the exclusive secret group the Illuminati. The same one with Beyonce, Jay, and Madonna?! Not quite – this Illuminati is composed of some of the greatest mental beings in the Marvel Universe. Their members are Doctor Strange, Professor X (…no surprise there), Reed Richards, Iron Man (…also no surprise there) and a few others. Their mission is to manipulate their world from behind the scenes to protect humanity at all costs. So like our illuminati…but not like our illuminati?

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#4: Panther vs. Mufasa! When T’Challa took the bulk of his missions in the U.S. due to his work with the Avengers, he wasnt able to attend to Wakanda as much. A random reporter decides to go all Pulitzer prize on him, and calls him to the carpet to go back home. As they journeyed back home T’Challa uses his keen senses to sniff out the reporter was  Lion God! Lion God had a bone to pick with Panther God and lured T’Challa to help him trap the panther. The Lion God imprisoned T’Challa, and took his chances against the A -team in New York. Thor being the awesome Thunder God he is pretty much capped him with a lighting bolt, and freed T’Challa. That would be epic to see on screen!

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            T’Challa has so many interesting journey’s, powers, and traits that could make up an entire book. Our hero has faced down a plethora of enemies, and friends, took over the persona of Daredevil, gets his P.H.D. – the list goes on. T’Challa has all the great qualities of a King, hero, and human being, and it can’t get much sweeter than that. Well it can, but we’ll leave that up to Ryan Coogler. The only match to bad ass hero like Black Panther is a bad ass Black female hero to match him – that why we’re rounding out Juneteenth’s Comic Book Spotlight with –

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Misty Knight!!

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