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Comic Book Spotlight: The Incredible Speed Behind The Flash!

Comic Book Spotlight: The Incredible Speed Behind The Flash!

         With all of the superheroes films dominating pretty much the entire world, its easy to get caught up in the whole caboodle of whose blasting what, who mind controls who, shape shifts, and so forth.

But there’s one speedster who is unforgettable and that’s the one and only Barry Allen! Take a character with this much heart, lightning wit, and you got kid who won’t quit. His journey to becoming the Flash is pretty amazing, and that’s why this is comic book spotlight is on the Flash!

Name: Barry Allen

Origin: After a horror incident in which his mother was murdered Barry Allen became a crime police scientist. Late one night while tinkering on chemicals in his lab there was a fierce lightning storm containing the speed force. The lightning hit the chemicals, exploded (seems to be a common way to make super heroes these days) and they soaked into Barry’s body. Once Barry awoke and realized the full extent of his new powers, he called himself the Flash!

Powers: Are Pretty Extraordinary! We all know the guy could run fast, but running as fast as the speed of light is a separate thing all together. The Flash can also use his incredible speed to stir up a cyclone so fast he can fly. Not to mention, he can process and read information at lightning speed (bet you wish he had that for those term papers!).

   At one time this allowed him to quickly rebuild an entire apartment building. In addition to that, he not only harnesses the speed force to move an impeccable rate, but he can also manipulate to give him the use of lightning – hence the bolt on his chest!

Interesting Facts: #1 He’s the ultimate anti-equation! Created by the villain Darkseid, the anti-life equation was created to bend the will of any sentient being by robbing them of their mind and hope. Barry’s speed is strong enough to break it with one touch. When Darkseid got a hold of Iris West, with one kiss, Barry was able to break her from the anti-life equation.

#2: That Ultimate race against he and Superman…I don’t think so: The Flash is always quick and witty on his feet when it comes to challenging other heroes in a race. But our superhero was so cocky, he challenged a hero in another universe. In the JLA/Marvel crossover, Flash raced against QuickSilver and won – numerous times. Pretty cool to think Marvel writers agree with The Flash being the fastest man on the planet!

#3: Double Trouble: When Nora Allen and Charlene Thawne arrived in labor on the same night, their evil doctor (so to speak) was drunk and accidentally killed Charlene Thawne’s one child, to Nora Allen’s twins. As a way to make up for it he switched out one of Nora’s twins and gave him to Charlene. Unfortunately, Barry’s twin brother, named Malcolm Thawne grew up cold and unloved.

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When he found out about his brother he used his inherited sorcerer trait from his adoptive family to go back in time and kill Allen’s relatives. This magic gave birth to his villain named Cobalt Blue. It wasn’t until Wally West flash Cobalt Blue finally met his end.

#4: He packs one mighty punch! He may not contain super strength as his other comrades but he sure can muster up all his power and wield it into a super punch. With all of his speed behind him Barry Allen is said to pack a punch the equivalent of a white dwarf star. So…a step down from Zeus?

         Barry Allen seems to have it all! He can run at (probably a bit faster than) lightning speed, fly, disable things with his speed, and kick butt – all he’s missing now is a million dollars. But, more than that Barry Allen is super hero with a great heart that’s inspired millions, even Superman himself.

     But, once this Scarlett hero landed in a near deadly encounter with the ultimate Scarlett haired villain. Gear up because next week comic book spotlight will go to the dark side, featuring one my all time favorite villainess Poison Ivy!

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