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Comic Book Spotlight: The Lethality Behind Poison Ivy!

Comic Book Spotlight: The Lethality Behind Poison Ivy!

     The superhero genre has brought us many a famous red head! Scarlett Witch, Black Widow, Jean Grey, Mystique, Wally West, Batgirl (Oracle), Daredevil and the list goes on. But there’s one radical red head villain who stands out amongst the group and that’s Poison Ivy.

She’s been seen in over a hundred DC properties, notably played by Uma Thurman in the live action Batman and Robin.  So, what makes the hellacious Red Head be so popular ever since her inception in Batman 1966, lets read below and find out!

Name: Pamela Lillian Isley a.k.a. Lillian Rose

Origin: As with many super being origin stories (accounts differ) but the one that has the most similarity is the seduction of young Pamela, and her ultimately being poisoned. In Pre-Crisis Lillian Rose was persuaded by Marc LeGrande to steal an ancient Egyptian Artifact containing powerful herbs. For fear that she would rad him out he then tried to poison her with the herbs that were lethal and untraceable.

After she survives and realizes she is immune to all-natural poisons and toxins she becomes the Super villain we know today. Essentially, every other story involves Ivy being poisoned someway and surviving which leads to her epic powers and abilities!

Powers: Basically, the toxins that transformed Poison Ivy into who she is today is a mutagen making her touch deadly but allowing her a superhuman immunity. In a way she’s her own Venus Fly Trap, as her body release pheromones that instantly mind control everyone around her – especially men. When they succumb to her, she delivers the trade mark poisonous kiss!

She also can breathe in CO2, (she kinda needs it to live) but considering it’s something that would instantly kill a human – it’s still pretty badass. In addition to super intelligence, agility, and connecting to a mystical plant called The Green, Ivy’s greatest power is her ability to adapt plants into Avatar’s. She can turn plants into all manner of humanoid things that she can hear, speak, and kick ass through! That’d be cool to see in Avatar 2.

Interesting Facts: #1 She’s a little Swamp Queen: Remember the spiritual connection The Green, well Swamp Thing is the original creature to have this deep connection to plant life. The Green interlaces all plant life, and whoever has access to it has control over all plant life and can travel consciousness from plant to plant, making them invincible. Ivy’s connection to this further strengthens her ability to not only physically manipulate plants but bend them to her will – Swamp Thing dubbed her the May Queen.

#2: She and Harley are immune to the same man: Why Harley Quinn decided she could put a stop to her obsession with Joker, Ivy can put a stop to his trademark poison Joker Venom. The Joker too created a poison from the same chemicals that made him, the Joker Venom subjects its victims to a slow and painful death – and the wide Joker smile. Ivy doesn’t just keep her immunity to herself, as she has wanted to keep Harley safe, she made sure she was immune too. Makes sense considering Ivy and Quinn then begin an on again and off again relationship.

#3 “Everybody Loves Ivy”: In the Batman (2016) #41 issue Ivy is seen controlling the entire world, bending everyone to her will. The only two people who survived her spell was Batman and his fiancé Catwoman. The two were in extreme peril considering that Ivy had control of everyone who knew how to stop her, and although Batman had an antidote to her control there was no way for him to get it. Talk about a dominatrix!

#4: Two-teams, One Side: Poison Ivy has been a part of the Suicide Squad and Bird of Prey. During her stint with the Suicide Squad she was supposed to save a Count from dictatorship, but after taking over his mind, she decided she wanted to run the dictatorship herself.

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    With Birds of Prey the group tried to attack on her sight as her reputation of being a villain proceeded her. She was able to play hero for a little while eventually earning their trust. But in true Poison Ivy fashion she reverted back to her old ways and blackmailed the group into eco-terrorism. Seems that our Ivy only knows how to play for winning side – hers.

            Poison Ivy is loaded with so many facts, stories, and encounters it would be near impossible to encapsulate them all. As she has made an appearance in two sub groups, (both with their own movies coming out) it would be interesting to see her in Suicide Squad 2 or Birds of Prey.

But as far villains go, Ivy isn’t all that bad, especially considering she’s an advocate for mother earth and has no choice but to protect it. Not to mention she loves her girlfriend Harley and has been known to assist heroes from time to time. Whatever the case maybe, the saying still rings true, “Never trust a big butt and smile, that girl is Poison!”

            And speaking of poison, I have to do a feature on DC’s leading poisonous man. He’s psychotic, can be hypnotic, and got a laugh so contagious – it’ll kill ya! Be on the lookout for next week comic book spotlight to be on the leading funny man himself: The Joker!

Believe me, he’s not joking around.

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