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Comic Book Spotlight: The Many Mirrors Behind Mysterio!

Comic Book Spotlight: The Many Mirrors Behind Mysterio!

Anyone will believe anything these days…words that rang true everyday, or not, or haven’t, – we may never know.

The point is that this theme was known countlessly through Spider-Man Far From Home, and the villain to speak them has been making waves across the screen since last week. Mysterio is a character that is shrouded in as much mystery as his name. I certainly loved watching him on the big screen, and have become a bit more obsessed with his character since then. That’s why we’re revamping the comic book spotlight this week with the Man of Mystification himself – Mysterio! Comic Spotlight is back – Alright!

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Name: Quentin Beck

Origin: Mysterio was not a scientist who was bent and determined to make Tony Stark pay, but a special effects and stunt guy on the Hollywood scene. Quentin hoped to make a name for himself in on the silver screen but alas his work become a dead end job. So, what’s any crushed Hollywood soul to do when their dreams don’t go their way…turn to a life of crime! Mysterio took his parlor tricks and planned his first elaborate crime job in which he framed no other than our web themed superhero himself. Mysterio disarmed Spiderman’s spidey sense and dissolved his web slinger with a harsh chemical. Spider-Man was able to trick Mysterio into admitting his wrong doing and hence foiled his plans. This is what set the path to Mysterio being one of Spiderman greatest foes. 

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Powers: While he is not a meta human or has superhero abilities Mysterio is still able to rig all of his special effects, and tools into one huge pyrotechnics machine. For instance…lets talk about the helmet! One might think, is there really such a need, to wear a big fish globe for a hat? Well, when that fish globe can allow no one to see your face, protects you from deadly gasses, can project images from a holographic projector, and so on and so on…you may rethink about wearing that fish globe.

    His suit contains the rest of his complex chemicals which allow him to emit a consistent smoke screen that shields him, emit gasses that can cause paralysis for 30 minutes, and hold another bout of lasers, electric coils, and a mess of other things that can do serious damage to one’s psyche and body. All of this to say if your going into fight with Mysterio, then you might literally want eyes in the back of your head. 

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Interesting Facts #1: The Hateful Eight and The Sinister Six: This fact maybe a bit more well known but it is still worth including that Mysterio is apart of the ghastly Sinister Six, which is a small league made all up of Spiderman’s greatest foes with only one mission – end Spidermen. Mysterio headlines this group, contacting the villains, and ensuring they each square off against Spiderman one by one. Of course when you rule over thieves, one will do whatever it takes to wear the crown, and the Sinister Six suffer from inter-fighting in the worst way. Still, with two Spider-man franchises out, one has to wonder if Sony will make well on bringing the Sinister Six to the big screen.

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#2: Spider-Man: Into the…Mysterio-Verse? Seeing as how Mysterio holds such great powers of illusion and effects its no wonder that he has experience hopping across multiple universes. So when Quentin Beck discovers mainstream Earth 6-1-6, and the Ultimate Marvel Universe he leaves his android counter part behind to fight with Spiderman. When Peter Parker arrives in the Ultimate universe he goes toe to toe with the android but not without the help of(you guessed it) Miles Morales! This crossover storyline was a large effort to bring both Spider-men together as fans were gnawing to see this happen in the comic books. Together, the two of them make short work of Mysterio’s android, and Mysterio is once again duped by the Spidey hero!

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#3: He’s Been to Hell…and not Back – When the original Mysterio (yes they’re multiple but that’s a separate article) is diagnosed with cancer he decides to try and break a Daredevil’s sanity. However, when that doesn’t work Beck decides to end it all for himself which sends him straight to the gallows below. However, some entity (apparently not the one your thinking of) decides that Mysterio should have one more chance of tormenting Spider-Man and releases him from the hellfire – literally – below. Boy, the hate for our poor Spidey is real!

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#4: What’s a King to a King? KingPin has to be one of the most hated villains in the world thanks to his consistent ending of heroes and poisoning of Hell’s Kitchen. Not too many can say they squared off against the gigantour and lived to tell the tale, but to a King of Illusion the King of drugs… was well easy to squash like a bug. After the Ultimate storyline, King Pin had wiped his record clean and was going to reboot his drug business again, but Mysterio didn’t think so.

    With one of his powerful blasts, Mysterio knocked Kingpin out of his seventh story window and the King went kaput, splat on the ground. People were going to play it off a suicide but thanks to Mysterio being obsessed with attention he was sure to let the world know he was the one to take out the King. 

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And there we have it – capturing a villain who is like trying to capture smoke. In my opinion Jake Gyllenhall did an amazing job encapsulating Mysterio from his dashing, and charming ways of a superhero to a crazed fanatic hell bent on destroying the sanity of the world. Would it not be for Spiderman’s ability to see through Mysterio’s grand illusion the world would never be the same as we know it! This brings to mind one of the most infamous heroes who also had to learn how to see through people’s false pretenses, but his weapon of choice is just a little more direct.

Get ready for next week’s spotlight to shoot straight through your heart with none other then the Green Man himself – Green Arrow!

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