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Comic Book Spotlight: The Marvelous Captain Marvel!

Comic Book Spotlight: The Marvelous Captain Marvel!

    Its officially been a month since the release of Captain Marvel and people can’t get enough of Carol Danvers!

The soaring goddess has officially joined her brother in arms as her movie recently hit a billion dollars at the box office, making Carol Danvers the new billion-dollar woman on the planet! Get ready to go higher, further, and faster with this weeks comic book spotlight on Captain Marvel!

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Name: Carol Danvers

Origin: In the original issue Captain Marvel is a top personal office of the United States air force. After being caught in an intergalactic war with Kree alien Captain Mar-vell Carol Danvers is blasted away by an explosion. The explosion kills Captain Mar-vell, and as his DNA merges with Carol Danvers she remerges as the new Captain Marvel we all know and love today!

Powers: Are out the whazoo!! Carol Danvers arsenal of super powers include superhuman strength, immune to most toxins and poisons, physical durability, and that just her physical side. Magically, Carol Danvers posses the ability to be binary meaning the character could assume the energy of a white hole, giving her full control of its properties.

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    She also has light speed, can survive in space (no helmet), shoot energy bursts from her finger tips, and here’s the catch! Captain Marvel has something called the seventh sense – a form of precognition into events and can react to them. Its this ability film fans are theorizing will help Carol take down Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. We’ll have to see how that goes in a week (Can you believe it!)

Interesting tidbits: #1 – Young Carol the astronaut: In one issue it was stated that Carol Danvers always dreamed of being an astronaut however her father sent her brother to college instead. This lead Carol to the air force where she graduated top of her class, still earned her BA, and it set her on her path to become the baddest woman in outer space!

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#2- Rogue vs Ms. Marvel: In an epic throw down Rogue robs Carol of her powers and memories in a 90s issue. Rogue was considerably popular back in those days hence her using Carol’s powers as a way to enhance her status. This leads Carol to pair up with the X-men in which Professor Charles gives her her memories back but she has no emotional connection to them.

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#3-She was impregnated by her own son: Not exactly Marvel comics finest hour, in an extremely controversial Marvel released issue (the infamous #200), Carol Danvers was kidnapped by her son in another dimension called Limbo. Marcus was imprisoned there by his enemy Immortcus, and he figures the only way to break free of this imprisonment is to impregnate, be born again on earth, and grow into his own man.He kidnaps Ms.Marvel, manipulates her mind to make her think she’s in love with him, assaults her and then she gives birth to their son (talk about a twisted Greek tragedy).

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#4- Warbird and the Warmachine: That’s right! Carol Danvers and James Rhodes were in a serious relationship. Rhodey understands Carol’s need to continue her space exploration, and letting her be the amazing hero she is. Unfortunately, the relationship is not to last as in another issue War Machine is beaten to death by Thanos (Yikes – Endgame Theory? – NO!)  leaving Carol Danvers with an unspeakable heart break.

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So there you have it! An encapsulate of the marvelous Captain Marvel and her extraordinary powers I hope we get to see in the upcoming Avengers Endgame! Carol Danvers is for sure becoming the most powerful avenger in the MCU universe, and who knows what Marvel comics have in store for us!

And in the meantime, 2019’s most anticipated film of the year, Endgame is releasing in a week. So be on the lookout for the next comic book spotlight to feature the big bad himself – Thanos!

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