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Comic Book Spotlight: The Stickiness behind the Amazing Spider-Man!

Comic Book Spotlight: The Stickiness behind the Amazing Spider-Man!

    “With great power, comes great responsibility.” No truer words have ever been spoken, well some more have, but that’s not the point.

Some of the most iconic moments have come from the Spiderman universe with the most recent being the fantastic Spiderman into the Spiderverse film. Spiderman is one of the greatest and translatable characters as the famous saying goes – anyone can be behind the mask. We already know the famous story behind the high school kid Peter Parker who gets bitten by a radioactive spider, and goes onto to save the neighborhood. So this comic book spotlight will focus on his awesome powers, battles, and fun facts galore. Get your spidey senses tingling!

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Origin: Interesting fact about Peter Parker’s origin is that he almost didn’t get printed. After the success of Fantastic Four, Stan Lee wanted to bring a teen to the comic book page. As teens were only fan boys for the main superheroes Lee wanted to make sure Spider-Man stood apart. When he went to his publisher Martin Goodman he fought for Spider-Man to be called an actual man, and not boy as he felt that would be to limiting. Goodman finally gave Lee the approval, letting the character first appear in the Amazing Fantasy issue #15 magazine, hence introducing the Amazing Spiderman!

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Powers: Since there are so many Spider men that exists within the comic book universe this character technically has a plethora of powers. However, the ones that belong to Peter Parker besides his spidey sense and web slinging is pretty insane! As with most spiders they have a keen sense of night vision and Spider man is no exception. Most of Spider man’s well known villains come out in the dark so its makes sense for Spiderman to be able to have the ability too.

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           Peter Parker being able to crawl on a wall is a given but his webbing that allows him to gracefully swing from rooftop to rooftop is a bit of a controversy. Peter has been known to be a tech genius when it comes to creating his webbing canisters, but its another thing all together for it to organic. As the canister webbing could run out at any minute his organic webbing would never fail him whether its hand to hand combat with Green goblin, or 10,000 feet in the air.

Speaking of hand to hand combat Spider mans super strength and agility is nothing to take for granted either. Spider man can handle up to 10 tons of pressure, has incredible healing abilities,  and of course can move as speedy as a spider when he needs too. The only thing Peter is missing is the ability to fly, and whose to say that’s not coming in the future!

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Interesting Facts #1: He could have been a Spy Kid! Well, more or less but essentially Peter Parker’s parents worked for the infamous S.H.I.E.L.D. There has been multiple reasons behind why Peter Parker was orphaned at a young age, but it was revealed in the 60s that his parents worked for S.H.I.E.L.D as government agents. His parents were unfortunately killed in a rigged plane crash by Red Skull shortly after Peter was born. With many Spiderman live action films making its way into theaters fans may get to see this scenario may show up in a MCU film in the future soon enough.

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#2: Three times a charm! Any superhero worth their grain and salt has had brushes with death, the past two blockbusters film have been about this, and Spider-Man is no exception. But oddly enough Spiderman has died three times, the most notable is his death by Green Goblin as seen in Spiderverse. In 2012 Doc Ock kills Spider-Man to posses his body to become the superior Spider-Man. As one can imagine fans were not to happy about it ,and in true comic book fashion Marvel brought Peter back to life rebooting another series.

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#3: Spider – Man was an Ant – Man: This one is extremely appropriate seeing as how Spider – Man Far from Home will be hitting theaters soon. In a battle between Spider – Man and Mysterio he convinced Spider – man that he shrunk him down to miniature size and filled him a theme park riddled with booby traps. In this issue Spider-Man is forced to figure out how to combat while being a mini spidey and as an audience member we can suspend belief and accept that once Spider – Man was a small as Ant-Man.

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#4: The Fantastic Five! We know superheroes are prone to pair up with other superhero groups in the universe, and Spiderman has been known to swing from one to the other. Spiderman has had many run ins with the fantastic four and has helped them defeat alien threat invasions many time. After Johnny Storm’s death Spider man took up the torch, so to speak, and they group became the Fantastic Foundation. This included giving Spiderman a new suit that allowed him the ability to switch between his classic suit and the fantastic four one with one mental thought. It seems like Spiderman has an impressive wardrobe too!

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            So there you have it The Amazing Spiderman is a hero capable of swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper, rapid healing, night vision and a whole load of wise cracks. Peter Parker has proven to be a man of many talents, and what’s more he can expand them to various type of hero groups. You know the saying “Anyone can be behind the mask!” That’s why next week’s comic book spotlight will be on Peter Parkers greatest counterpart yet Miles Morales!

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 “Einstein said time was relative, right? Maybe I’m not late. Maybe you guys are early.”



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