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8 Common Types of Yoga, As Illustrated By Our Favorite Black Yogis

8 Common Types of Yoga, As Illustrated By Our Favorite Black Yogis

Tired of doing the same type of yoga class every week? Ever wonder what else is out there or what type of yoga your faves are doing on Instagram?

Check out this list of 8 common types of yoga being performed by some inspirational ladies that you should add on Instagram.

Vinyasa Yoga

This yoga practice involves a lot of fun flows and movements. Poses fluidly move from one to the next constantly, and is almost dance-like!

Hatha Yoga

This is the all-encompassing type of yoga that anyone from a child to an elderly person can participate in. It requires you to pose, and hold that pose for a few breaths.

Kundalini Yoga

This isn’t your typical yoga routine! It focuses on spiritual breakthroughs rather than the physical. So if you’re looking for a class that taps into a more mindful-heavy practice filled with chants, and meditation… this is for you!

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Intensity is a spectrum, like most things. So in the beginning, there is excitement, swirling clouds of light allowing alternating glimpses of hope and blindness. Swift shots of scattered emotions as the particles of life spread around you, creating a temporary cloak of invincibility. But then the dust settles. Promoting the burden of lost time in some parts, emptiness in others. It is here that love dies, in the confusing wasteland of poorly deposited atoms. But those who stay, endure, survive, adapt what burden they have while still loving… Those are star seeds of love đź’« #benddontbreak #poetry #writersofinstagram #yoga #yogaflow #yogini #blackyogi #blackyogasuperstars #blackgirlyoga #reflection #healing #grounding #growth #prayer #meditation #practiceandalliscoming #patienceandalliscoming #qwoc #locs #womenwithlocs #manifestation #gratitude #abundance #goddess #tajibtheyogini

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Bikram Yoga

It’s almost like hot yoga, except there’s are a specific 26 poses and two breathing exercises done during it. All last 90 minutes, and all should be in a room at 105 degrees Fahrenheit at 40% humidity. Whew!

Hot Yoga

It’s like the Bikram yoga, except the teachers are free to teach whatever they please! Still hot and sweaty, still quite a workout!

Yin Yoga

For people who like to take it slow, and hold poses for what feels like an ungodly amount of time. This is the practice for you! Because you’re holding moves for minutes, you’re working deeper connective tissues and fascia.

Iyengar Yoga

If you’re wanting to focus on form and anatomy, this is for you! This is great when you’re struggling with range of motion and need something that feels safer. During this class you’ll but using blocks, straps, and more!

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My strength doesn't come solely from yoga. And much as I appreciate the spoils of industry and capitalism, I don't think humans are supposed to exist in boxes. We're meant to frolic among the elements. In order to feel like a happy and functioning human being, I require quality time in nature- and when I'm home in the Old North State, that usually means I'm wandering through the hills surrounding the Eno River or splashing like a five year old in the streams. I'm not the most time efficient hiker and I'm a very lazy swimmer- but it's all good bc I'm not in it for the accolades. The joy I feel when I'm outside is unparalleled- it's the only place where I truly feel like my most authentic self. There's no way I could try to be a #ForceOfNature on my yoga mat without a distinct connection to the true forces of nature in our universe. My strength isn't just about moving my body- it's about making a connection to the power of this earth. #sponsored @rei Photo by my love @justincookphoto

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Restorative Yoga

This is a gentle practice meant for you to relax. It even incorporates blocks, bolsters, and blankets so your muscles stay relaxed in positions while you relax! De-stress with this yoga practice.


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