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The 3 Ways To Conquer Racism in the Cosplay Community

The 3 Ways To Conquer Racism in the Cosplay Community

While scrolling through social media, I’ve noticed that racism always seems to reattach itself to people in the Cosplay Community.

There is a bunch of controversy in cosplay, especially with blackface, stereotypical behavior, sexism, slurs, etc. Even De La Doll Cosplay made an entire article literally discussing racism in the Cosplay Community ( Remember telling yourself, “If I immersed myself in my hobbies, maybe I can escape from the things that I had to deal with”? It didn’t work, did it?

Courtesy of Knightmage Cosplay

Then, whenever we begin to create a safe haven exclusively for each other, we are called ‘racist’, discriminatory, and ‘segregationist’.

But in particular, there are ways that we all can conquer racism in the Cosplay Community believe it or not.

1: Always remember that even though these characters are special, they are fictional characters.

We love these characters because we can either relate, understand, or sympathize with these characters. However, people seem to forget that these characters are fake. Keyword is fake. Not real. Non existent. If someone cosplays as Sailor Moon, let them be happy. Plus, Usagi is a fictional character that Naoko Takeuchi holds the right to. If someone cosplays as Sailor Moon, let them be happy. When it comes to cosplay, ethnicity shouldn’t even matter in the first place because we are cosplaying as fictional characters.

Courtesy of Pretty Ebby Cosplay

2: Call out any forms of racism or confront them about it.

Based on experiences in the South, I’ve noticed that racist individuals are very spiteful and hateful. Very often, they get away with their acts as well. Racist individuals have false superiority complex as if they are better when they are not. You’re slaying your cosplay, while snatching wigs and edges, but racist individuals do not deserve your time or energy.

Courtesy of Kowai Queen Cosplay

3: At the end of it all, remember what made you fall in love with cosplay.


There’s so many things that cause us to completely feel down and lose the will to cosplay.

However, remember what made you fall in love with cosplay. If you need to take a hiatus, please do not hesitate to do so. However, don’t let hateful individuals stop you from doing what you love, whether it’s gaming or cosplay.

There’s always going to be someone that wants to stop you from being or doing great.

Racism is always going to be a big issue that society needs to talk about and speak out about.

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However, the key to conquering racism is to do what you love and speak out against racism itself.


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