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Con Resource Guide: 2020 Con New Year Resolutions

Con Resource Guide: 2020 Con New Year Resolutions

Wow, so 2019 sure was… a year. Out with the old and in with the new! Here’s our top five Con New Years Resolutions for 2020.

Futurama NYE toast gif
Here’s to another lousy decade. Con New Years Resolutions ahoy!


Follow the 1/3/6

Most of us are pretty good about #1: take one shower or bath and change your clothes once each day. Depending on how cute you’re trying to be, you might have a couple costume changes, but you do you. 


Image result for sailor moon change gif"
Usagi’s pen would be hella useful about now


For 2020, focus on 3 and 6. Three square meals and six hours of sleep. It’s way too easy to load up on snackitcky-snacks and forget about your food groups. Next thing you know, it’s 8:00pm, you’re starving  AND you’re staring at an hour plus wait at the local Applebee’s. 


Image result for "waiting gif"
Serious. Hanger.

You know what makes your temper even shorter than waiting for that one friend’s friend’s brother’s roommate? Lack of sleep and caffeine jitters. The National Institute of Health stated that people function best with seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. We’re just saying go for a solid six. 


Image result for "Stranger Things compromise gif"
Then eat Eggos for breakfast. Win. Win.


Hotel Squad Up


You know what helps with regular sleeping and eating habits? A safe and comfortable space. Quit rooming with randos and get yourself a consistent crew. Who’s willing to drive? Who hogs the bathroom? Who needs to be babysat? Who’s never got that down payment? Who eats all the hotel room snacks? 

Image result for "Star Wars you're a monster gif"
Tell ’em Rey!


Get yourself in a grown up room and make your life easier. Heck, maybe you’ll get into Magfest Gaylord next year. 


Image result for "spoilers gif"
J/K- You won’t.


Finish Your Cosplay!


Image result for "personal attacks gif"
I say it out of love, okay?


See Also

It’s facts: people don’t want to room with you, your Singer, and six unfinished cosplays. If you want a safe haven snack fortress, you need to compromise. Bring your finished cosplay in a neat, easily portable container- or leave it for the next con. 


Skip the FOMO


You don’t have to go to every con. Cut your list down and enjoy the ones that are a priority. The only pics that make it to the Gram are going to be top tier or dramarama, so keep your nose to the grind till it’s your turn. 


Image result for "fomo gif"
Sometimes it’s a Disney+ and Chill with my cat kinda weekend


Get Involved


Make that AMV, write up that panel! You are a veritable font of knowledge and people want to hear you. Put yourself out there. Opportunities knock, but you gotta move into the neighborhood. Make geek happen! And check out our other articles on sticking to these resolutions!


Image result for "I am very smart gif"
That’s why you’re setting these Con New Years Resolutions!
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