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Con Resource Guide: Must Haves In A Cosplayer’s Con Survival Tool Kit

Con Resource Guide: Must Haves In A Cosplayer’s Con Survival Tool Kit

Always forgetting what you need to bring to con? A new con-goer with no idea where to start or what you need? We have the resource guide for you!

With these tools, build the perfect utility belt ready to conquer any small mishap and make the most of your cosplaying experience during a con!

Hand Sanitizer!

This is #1 key! A con has one thing guaranteed, tons of people meaning tons of germs! It’s full days of meeting up with friends, exchanging cards and info with photographers, posing with people, and touching everything. But fear not super germaphobes, a bottle of travel size hand sanitizer in your con bag will eliminate all the worst. 

Double stick tape

Cosplayers, you honestly should have this in back stock. We all know how super important this is for any little emergency slip and spillage that may occur. Fashion tape (double stick tape meant specifically for clothing) works best but if you’re in a hurry with restricted access normal scotch double sided tape should hold up until you’re able to get back. 

Safety pins

Any rips and tears that may need stitching can at least hold up until you get back to the room with your good ol trusty safety pins! They’re small and easy to stash away for the emergency moment, one of those items you don’t know you need until you do!

Gel Insoles

Okay sure those cosplay boots don’t hurt now, but after a few more hours parading around the con floor and posing for photos you will definitely wish you had some little gel babies for your feet. The small addition can be a huge relief! This is a great tip for all con goers as it’s usually full days of walking.

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Refillable Water Bottle

Most conventions and hotels have water freely available around the panel rooms and con floor. Carrying a water bottle eliminates the constant back and forth because you HAVE to keep hydrating during all the rustle and bustle of the con anyway. Might as well do it in less trips. Pro tip: Nobody likes spending $5+ for a bottle of water!


Con Guide/Map

Something that actually goes pretty overlooked! There’s so many rooms and points to keep track of at a con and most big convention centers can get pretty confusing. A guide will tell you key things like all bathroom locations, panel room locations, bag check areas, and main stage event locations and times. I know nobody wants to carry around a physical booklet, so most cons are actually moving to electric guides through the guidebook app. Definitely search to smoothly plan out your days!

Powder, setting spray, and the lips!

From normal casual cosplay to huge builds and theatrical makeup, we all always need a touch up from time to time. If you plan on taking a lot of pics through out the con but don’t want to carry around your makeup bag, grab your three photo friendly essentials! Your favorite powder to keep that shine and sweat off the camera screen, your current lip color according to your cosplay makeup or just a general balm/gloss, and your setting spray to keep everything in place! These are highly recommended during super hot and summer season cons and can easily be carried with you. 

Shout Wipes

This one is a stylist secret I’m sharing with you guys! Shout wipes are like little erasers for all your mess and spills. Think tide pen, but better. Keeping a small stain removing wipe can come in handy during lunch breaks or accidentally brushing past anything that can mark up your cosplay. You can find them at any of your local drug store/superstores. 

Crazy Glue

While I only recently just found out about wireless glue guns, they aren’t the most cost effective way to be able to pop back on anything that may wonder off your cosplay. Crazy glue is quick and dries fast while on the con floor. It also works with most materials easily. So whether if your foam prop or have fabric that needs some love, crazy glue is there. Just be careful! 

Portable Charger

Totally a given and not cosplay specific, but having a portable charger on you can eliminate the battle for outlets that you can usually find in the halls of most cons. Sometimes there is a charging station, but I would recommend charging your portable charger there. You can be on the go and efficient without worrying about going ghost with no juice!


BONUS: Portable Mini Fan

While most conventions should and would have the central air on blast usually making it too cold, many summer cons are usually still very hot. And with big crowds comes overheating easily. Mini fans (even a foldable handheld one will do!) are a great way to cool yourself down and kill the sweat if it gets a bit too toasty under all that armor, wigs, and eyelashes!

I really hope these tips and tricks help you to create the perfect Con cosplay toolkit. Make it your own! You know what you need and what you don’t based on the day, as long as you’re prepared you’ll feel more more ready go and ooze out more confidence. 

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