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#ConGuide: What You Need To Know About Con Meetups!

#ConGuide: What You Need To Know About Con Meetups!

One of the best parts of conventions is meetups! 

Nothing is more fun than being surrounded by people that love the same things you do. In this edition of #ConGuide, we’re gonna talk about con meetups! Learn what exactly a meetup is, what types there are and, best of all, how you can find one at your local con.

What’s A Meetup?

Con Meetups - What Are They

Exactly what it sounds like – people getting together! They’ll usually be about a fandom, and fans, cosplayers, artists, etc. are invited to attend.

Some meetups can be about things as well – I’ve seen con meetups for everything from J-fashion to Nintendo Switch. Generally, they start off with a photoshoot and then have a portion where people can mingle. 

Finding The Meetup

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to quickly find a meetup. Many conventions are actually a part of the organization process. For example, Anime NYC lets congoers have meetup slots and post the schedule on their sites.

However, other conventions have unofficial gatherings too.

Depending on the con, there may even be PJ meetups where people can play games and relax in their pajamas while taking part in fandom. If you like it, there’s probably a meetup for it!

The easiest way to find con meetups, however, is through Facebook.

Check the convention Facebook page to see if anyone mentioned hosting a meetup. You can also just do a basic search on Facebook for the con and a meetup you’re interested in.

For example, if you’re attending Otakon and you want to find a Kingdom Hearts meetup, just put that in the search bar. Looking through convention tags on Instagram or Twitter can also be helpful for finding meetups. 

Plan Ahead

Con Meetups - Planning

Sometimes meetups can conflict with one another. It’s best to do your research on what events are happening and make a list of what meetups you might want to attend.

This can also be crucial if you’re cosplaying.

Cosplay can add another layer of fun to a meetup. Plus, it’s a great way to show appreciation for your favorite series and an easy way to make friends at the event.

I’ve definitely been sad because I cosplayed a different series on the day a huge meetup was happening. That’s why it’s super important to plan to make sure you’re able to hit up all the meetups you wanna make.

Be Respectful

Unfortunately, con meetups can get out of hand very quickly.

See Also

If you’re attending a meetup for a fairly popular fandom, it will get loud and crowded. Do your part to be courteous to the meetup organizers!

During the photoshoot portion, make sure to take photos from a reasonable distance so that everyone can snap a shot. Things can get exciting but try not to yell or disturb other congoers. 

As always, be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself safe too. Our Staying Safe at Conventions guide is full of tips to do just that!

Just Be You!

Meetups can be intimidating especially if it’s your first one. However, there’s no reason to be afraid to talk to people or get photos.

See a cosplay you like? Ask the cosplayers for their page!

Someone’s itabag looking really good? Ask them about their favorite artists!

In my opinion, a meetup is one of the easiest places to make friends and have a good time at a con. Remember that everyone attending has a love for the same thing you do. 

Going to any cons soon? Wanna make more con friends? Join our Quirktastic app to talk about all your latest convention plans!

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