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20 Ways Your Fave Content Creators Practice Self-Care

20 Ways Your Fave Content Creators Practice Self-Care

Some of the ways I know I clock-out is by social media, checking in on my favorite content creator, or watching my favorite streamer, but how does someone who actually works on these platforms get a break?

We live in a world where we’re always scrolling, texting, viewing, sharing, or clicking on something!
Our daily normal lives are usually swamped with things like school, work (or both), and other adult responsibilities we definitely didn’t ask for.
In addition to what I listed above, another way I clock-out is by watching my favorite streamer… but how and when do our favorite content creators practice self-care? If you use social media or media platforms in general for your job, how exactly do you get to unplug, unwind, and take your mind completely off the work?
I asked some of your favorite content creators what they do to unwind and melt all that stress away:
1. “I usually go play some league of legends online and eat food that makes me happy. I also do some planning then watch anime or my favorite shows on Amazon or Netflix.”-Lux Steeze

2. “One thing I think that calms me down is disconnecting from the internet and the work completely and doing something completely different. It could be reading a book or taking a long walk through my neighborhood. But I feel allowing yourself to disconnect and be in the moment of calmness and stillness helps me recenter and refresh myself in a way.”-Kiera Please 

3. “One thing I do is honestly listen to music and catch up on anime I’m behind on. I’m busy 98% of the time so I usually don’t have too much downtime.”-Yuki Crissy

Some like to work out…

4. “Tbh I’ve started exercising a lot to deal with stress because it helps me calm down my emotions! I think that’s the most effective for me or locking my phone and playing a favorite video game.”-Steak President

5. “Work out.”-Jihatsu

6. “It sounds simple, but the main thing I do is take a shower and then unplug from social media for a bit. I give my content time to breathe, and more importantly *myself* time to breathe once I finish something. I also like to go out for a bit and experience “the real world” since content creation is typically a very isolated activity.” –Dela Doll

7. “I actually game a lot to de-stress, but I also will listen and work on music, dance, or do jigsaw puzzles.”-Phalafel

8.”I play my guitar! I love just writing music, making covers and just losing myself in the song.
It’s that or reading. Currently I’m in the middle of Lord of the Rings, Two Towers!”-Black Krystel 

9. “Yeah for me I find that if I truly want to unwind, I need to get away from screens and all that and what I’ve liked doing lately is going for a little walk around this park that is near me. Gives me some fresh air and allows me to move away from the screens for a bit.”-Krystalogy

Others like a good piece of cake!

10. “I like diving into a game that I can really get immersed into! Or I binge the anime I’m currently watching!…sometimes I just eat cake lmaooo.” –Shellanin

11. “I definitely stay off my phone after streaming for a few hours as much as I can and I talk to my friends “-ChachiHime

12. “I like to cook as a stress relief. Also I play games on my own since I have to keep up a persona and provide entertainment while streaming. I try to go to the beach at least once a week as well to just have a moment away from everything”-Kawaiiskullsirl

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13. “Besides smoke lol I either color, play games, or watch tv.” –Fantastic Frankey

14. “Ooooo I guess I usually listen to music or ASMR and play video games while laying in bed! V relaxing for me.”-Ladiexskull

15. “So what I typically do is treat myself to good snacks and a well-deserved nap! I might even slip in playing a video game like Persona 5 or curling up with a good manga if I feel up to it. Surprisingly enough a lot of people assume I would instinctively watch anime to unwind (which I do sometimes) but since anime is basically my job I like to take a break from it so I can come back fresh!”-Getting Animated

16. “After I’m done working for the day (making my cosplay, posting online, etc.), I usually relax, drink some tea and watch documentaries or play some video games.”
Stardust Megu

A couple of content creators enjoy getting down in the kitchen as well.

17. “I try to post things on a day where I know I’m going to be busy so I’m not so fixated on what’s going on in the Twitterverse/Instagram. The thing that usually keeps me busy are exercising, binging a TV series or attempting a new recipe since I love cooking.”
18. “I think the most important thing I do is avoid social media after posting. If you start to fixate on how much attention or engagement you’re receiving it can drive a person crazy. So I post and I put my phone down and enjoy a TV show or read a book. Anything that helps me not dwell on this artificial perception of success.”-Pink Mason
19. “I usually read manga until I pass out or I draw whatever comes to mind but my favorite thing is hanging out with friends, whether it’s riding bikes or doing absolutely nothing, it’s the best feeling.  ” –Lisalweapon
20. “lol, I sleep“-VantaBlack

What’s your favorite thing to do to unwind? Maybe you can add a few of these to your relaxation arsenal! Let’s talk about it on the Quirktastic app!

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