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Meet The 10 Year Old and 5 Year Old That Are Bringing Black Girl Magic To Cosplay

Meet The 10 Year Old and 5 Year Old That Are Bringing Black Girl Magic To Cosplay

In 2017 society is finally embracing that cosplay is for everyone, no matter size, shape, skin color, or age, JOONSMOONS proves that inspiration, confidence and fun can come in many forms.

Tell us a little about yourselves! How did JOONSMOONS get started?
Nya: My name is Anaya but you can just call me Nya. I’m 10 years old and my sister’s name is Juliet but we call her by her middle name, Joy, because she is so joyful.
Joy: Yeah, and she is so Nya-ful, and I’m 5 and three quarters.
Nya: We started JOONSMOONS because one day we were watching this show we really like called Glitter Force and we were screaming for my mom to come watch it. My mom was like “Wow this reminds me a lot of a show I used to watch called Sailor Moon.” She put it on for us, and we really ended up loving it so much, and the monsters were way more scarier and cooler! My mom talked about when she was little, all the kids would go outside and pretend to be Sailor Scouts. That sounded so fun but since none of my friends really like that, my sister and I started making videos hoping to find other people that like it and show how fun it is to dress up!
What is the best part about being creative with your sister?
Nya: We also like watching Sailor Moon because Usagi and Chibi Usa (Serena and Rini) are SO funny, they fight and bump heads over silly things just like us but when it’s time to fight monsters they team up! When me and my sister are creating we are still different but our differences end up helping each other out because we each have different roles to play.
Joy: I like to be Chibi Moon because I LOOVEE pink!
What do you hope to achieve with Joons Moons?
Nya: I want people to learn to just be themselves, it’s okay to be quirky and different. All my friends were Disney characters or princesses for Halloween. They looked so nice but me and my sister—we like scary movies and mystery books so we dressed up like creepy zombie dolls for Halloween.
Joy: We dressed up like the dolls like the one Coraline has. I love that movie!
What advice would you give to others who want to cosplay?
Nya: Just use what you have, you dont need to go out and buy a crazy costume. I make my moon tiara with lipstick and gems and wear an anime T shirt. We make crazy glasses out of candy bracelets and glue. I love seeing the crazy costumes at the competitions but you don’t need it to have fun.

You can check out JOONSMOONS on Instagram. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube page for upcoming tutorials!

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