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This B Boy Turned Cosplayer Is Breaking Boundaries As A Black Spider-Man

This B Boy Turned Cosplayer Is Breaking Boundaries As A Black Spider-Man

Cosplay is always more fun when you can fuse it with other passions. Tyler Hoover, aka: T-Stunning Spidey, combines his love of Spider-Man and breakdancing, all while breaking boundaries on what it means to be a blerd.

Tell us about how you got your start cosplaying and why you chose Spider-Man as your go-to character. Did your history as a breakdancer have any play in this?
I first started cosplaying around 2012 as far as going to conventions, but I’ve been dressing up and making videos since I was five years old. I chose Spider-Man because he was such a relatable, down-to-earth character. I loved his look, style and my father was a huge fan. Much like religion, his passion and love for the character was passed down to me at an early age. My experiences as a B-boy (breakdancer) helped bring the cosplay to life. My acrobatics and low-to-the-ground poses translated perfectly for Spider-Man.
You were a featured Cosplayer at this year’s first ever BlerDCon. Tell us what being a blerd means to you.
I love the fact that I could represent the POC community while portraying a mainstream white character, which in turn broke boundaries and inspired many others to portray him and other characters as well. I also perform at birthday parties and go to hospitals as Spider-Man to visit sick kids. I’m fortunate I have left such a positive mark on the cosplay community and appreciate all my supporters.
What other cosplays have you done and incorporated your B-boy moves into? 
I’ve portrayed the Red Tyranno Ranger, Venom, Batman, Beast boy, Aqua lad and a few others. I would love to portray a legit Spawn one day.
Tell us about your upcoming Power Rangers Fan Film.
That fan film should be amazing. I have a lot of interested cast mates who want to make the video something very special. There will be a lot of fight choreography, authentic ranger suits and more. I plan on making another Stunning Spider-Man fan series one day as well.

To stay up to date with T-Stunning Spidey, be sure to check out his Instagram and YouTube page!

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