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#Coven: Spooky Gemstones Every Witch Needs to Carry on this Hallows Eve!

#Coven: Spooky Gemstones Every Witch Needs to Carry on this Hallows Eve!

 Witches and All Hallows Eve go hand in hand as every October 31st becomes more special than the last!


Every witch has her own special kit ready to conquer this years’ hallows eve, and yet no witch is complete without her gemstones to help you cast the spookiest spells, or protect her from some evil ones. Below is a guide for some gemstones you should carry to have an amazing hallows eve!


To begin with many cultures use all hallows eve to access their lost loved ones, set up gateways, and even try to break the barrier between worlds. If your looking to rekindle with someone, behind the veil, grab your Amethyst to open the connection, and follow through with Smoky Quartz to help you ‘see’ past whatever is clouding the connection.


But we won’t forget about those creepy folks looking to steal a witches spectacular energy and harness it for their own. Be sure to have Black Tourmaline to create a powerful force field around you, and Flourite to cloak your energy, and avoid sorcery and psychic attacks!


A beautiful globe of Black Obsidian is commonly used to break any nasty spell or hex one might try to charm on another. You can’t go wrong with having these stones on you to help brave you through all hallows eve night.


All hallows eve is also about a witch looking her very best! Labradorie is an awesome stone that can mesh well with any costume and is also great from repelling any energy attacks that keep you from being real self. Citrine and Tiger’s Eye are some of the best gems to carry because they help you in your transformation for hallows eve while keeping any jealous haters at bay. Throw Black Onyx on you as this stone will keep you warm, strengthen your own powers, and people won’t stop running over to complement you on your amazing look!


    Last but not least, Halloween night is when the freaks come out at night, so why not carry a stone that can help you illuminate your way through those dark and scary places. This stone from the mother land, Botswana Agate, is perfect for strengthening your perception, keeping you calm and collected, and ‘seeing’ you through any hectic situation.

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The best thing about Botswana Agate is that its energy is low so no spooky ghouls (or energy vampires) will be able to pick up on its frequency, and yet its protection will keep you shielded from any harm that tries to come your way. There are a million stones that can help ground, sustain, and protect our energy all year round. But, on the holiday where everyone’s energy is literally times a thousand it helps to have specific stones to help us navigate all that chilling energy.


All of these stones will accessorize your wicked witch costume this year, open your connection to behind the veil, and keep you safe from any other harmful spirits too!

With these  Spooktacular gems on All Hallows Eve, you’ll be the most powerful witch there is!


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