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Culture Appreciation Done Right: An Eye-Opening Documentary On The Black Experience In Japan

Culture Appreciation Done Right: An Eye-Opening Documentary On The Black Experience In Japan

Black in Japan 2017 Documentary

If you’re a quirky aspiring traveler who vicariously lives through YouTube videos like me, I️ wouldn’t be surprised if Japanese content was on the top of your YouTube history right now.

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And with our vicarious lifestyle, we’ve got to know what our future lives in Japan is gonna be like. So I can almost guarantee that you’ve typed in the search bar on YouTube, “Black in Japan” too.

Black in Japan 2017 Documentary

All sorts of stories of Black peoples’ experiences live under that YouTube search, but none are like what I’ve seen in Black in Tokyo, a newly-released documentary by Nigerian-American artist Amarachi Nwosu.

One of the five people interviewed named Will made this statement during the interview, and there was a lot of truth behind it:

As Black people, we need to do a better job at painting the picture for ourselves.

This 10-minute documentary is part of Melanin Unscripted, which Nwosu uses to expand on the narratives of the global Black experience.

Three of the biggest takeaways for me were:

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  1. Cultural appreciation can and does exist, and is done so wonderfully in Japan.
  2. You can learn a lot about yourself as a Black individual when you’re in a foreign country that’s both mostly homogenous, and existing with international pockets of people.
  3. Represent YOUR story as a Black individual. It is so important.

You can watch the documentary down below for your own take on the film itself.

An interview by The Fader was done with Nwosu’s thoughts on both her work on the documentary, and the quote above.

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