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D-Day Withdrawal: 3 Ways to Survive Post-Convention Blues!

D-Day Withdrawal: 3 Ways to Survive Post-Convention Blues!

     Its officially been a week since the end of Dragon Con in Atlanta, and believe me the city is feeling the blues!

What was 5 days of a total immersive fantasy and sci-fi realism experience has now left the streets of Atlanta back to its usual hustle and bustle commute drawl. Now that several major conventions have wrapped up fans all over are feeling the slow burn of having to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR to access the super cool cosplays and quirky atmosphere conventions offer. Sure there are smaller conventions in between but there isn’t anything like going balls to the walls in a mega con like Dragon con. Check out some quick tips below on how to (hopefully) get you through your post convention blues!

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    Get Crafty! This is always at the top of my list, and helps me get out of that convention funk. I leave every convention with a ton of inspiration and super charged creative juices that I have to channel through a project asap. Grab some notebooks, and begin a fandom journal to fill with drawings, maybe world building, or if you have the drawing talents of a Klingon (like me), than you can create digital boards filled with your favorite fan art! Fans have taken to all types of creative outlets to live out their favorite fandom including making their own LARPS, crafting inspired wooden table ingrained with their favorite symbol, and the Supernatural fandom is even tailoring their cars to fit Dean’s impala! Whatever the case maybe try your hand at crafting something from your favorite fandom, and it will feel like you never left the convention floor!

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    Fandom Podcasts! I have a Game of Thrones Fandom podcast (actually I have several) that I listen to in addition to others that are about my favorite fandoms! There’s always something exciting and fun about listening to other super fans talk about my favorite shows/movies! I love trying to match their quirky theories to mine, hearing different opinions, and downright just singing out my favorite tunes out loud. Search out your favorite fandom on podcasts and relive every epic moment, plot line, and character arc (sometimes ones you’ve even forgotten about)! Take your fandom with you on the go and you’ll be transported back to that epic panel!

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    BINGE EVERYTHING! This last one is also a favorite of mine (should be a favorite of everyone) and by far the most rewarding! Its been a couple of days since Con of the Dragon (Get it…ha!) and I’ve already dived into The Orville, caught up on Stranger Things S3, and am starting the Dark Crystal on Netflix (it is epic!) Even if you’ve seen the show a million times still treat yourself to rebinging those moments all over again! I’m one of those people who feel that if I’m not doing something productive I’m wasting an entire day so I tend to beat myself up for wanting to binge a couple of episodes. Don’t feel ashamed if you decide to allow yourself a few hours, a lunch break, or even a night binge of relishing in some of your fandoms finest moments. You can draw all day long, write fanfictions until your fingers bleed, and attend every fandom themed party until your arms fall off, but sometimes there’s nothing better than just to sit back, relax, and…binge!

Conventions are one of the greatest things ever created! They’re creative safe spaces that allow you to live out your greatest fantasy among like minded people, and meet the very people in the industry that made your dreams come true! When we get ripped away from them it can send us spiraling straight down into sadness. Don’t stay down in the dumps!

    Get creative, find your online community, anything to keep that convention spark alive in your heart, and you never know you may create something awe inspiring out of it. Not to fear, that major convention will be back before you know it!

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