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Dear White People Volume 2 Has A Release Date And We Cannot Wait

Dear White People Volume 2 Has A Release Date And We Cannot Wait

Netflix has finally announced that volume 2 of the controversial movie-turned-tv series will debut in less than a month.

The series touches on hard-hitting realities for black people, white people and everyone in between. Each character is complex and highly relatable which left us with a few thoughts…

*Some Spoilers Ahead*


What’s Going To Happen With Sam and Gabe?

Sam, girl. Get it together. We know you’re going through an identity crisis right now with accepting one half of you but you don’t have to step on people in the process.

Troy: Fallen From Grace

Daddy’s boy Troy lost his shiny halo (if he ever even had one) toward the end of volume 1 and by the way things ended we’re definitely excited for his further development. While his story is certainly interesting, he’s another character that didn’t seem to truly care about his impact on others…well, minus daddy.

Speaking Of Troy…About Coco…

Talk about coming around full circle. We got a glimpse of Coco and Sam’s past friendship and Coco’s struggles with being black. At the end of volume 1 she sheds more than just her wig. I think her character development will be one of the greatest.

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Lionel’s Story

Lionel went through a lot last season. So much that I’m actually concerned he won’t get much development in volume 2. His character was caught up in everything from sexual identity to mischief on campus with a bit of everyone. Think, the nerd who almost never talks to people but somehow knows everything.

Dear, Sweet Reggie

My God. What can we say about Reggie? He’s that dude who emits unapologetic knowledge and strength and yet still had to look down the barrel of a gun. I have a feeling that we won’t see too much of him until midway through the season based on the fact that he seemed to revert into himself by the end of volume 1. Maybe now he’ll have time to pay attention to people who actually care about him…*sips tea*

Volume 2 of Dear White People is set to premiere May 4th on Netflix. We can’t wait for what volume 2 holds! What are you looking forward to this season?

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