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Everything We Know About The Demon Slayer Movie So Far

Everything We Know About The Demon Slayer Movie So Far

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba has risen in popularity over the course of its first season. The anime went viral on platforms like Twitter for its stunning animation. But to everyone’s surprise, it trended again with the announcement of its upcoming movie

The film comes as good news to fans who thought they’d have to wait for season two for new content. There was already speculation that the show wouldn’t even get a second season. However, the fact that in May of 2019, sales already surpassed 6 million copies (and that number has definitely grown since then), it’s hard to imagine that we won’t get a completed anime series.

What’s The Show About?

Demon Slayer is the story of a young boy named Tanjirou who almost loses his entire family to demons. Nezuko, his sister, is the only survivor of the attack. Interestingly enough, Nezuko isn’t like normal demons – she didn’t succumb to her instincts and doesn’t even require human blood to function. Tanjirou joins the Demon Slaying Corps in hopes of finding a cure for his sister. Along the way, he meets Zenitsu and Inosuke. From there on out, the ragtag group finds themselves in situation after the situation on the quest to eliminate demons. Currently, the dubbed version of the anime is now being aired on Toonami at 1:30am. Though we don’t have a release date for the movie yet, maybe watching the dub come out each week or reading up on the manga will keep us busy until then.

Here’s What We’ve Learned

The movie will be following the events of the manga – the infinite train ark. Tanjirou, Zenitsu, and Inosuke board a train in search of Kyoujourou Rengoku – one of the strongest demon slayers. We learn that Rengoku is currently on a mission. A sinister plan by the demons behind the scenes comes into play, trapping the group. The name of the movie is Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train. 

See Also

The official Demon Slayer Twitter page released the trailer in late September. It features Rengoku surrounded by flames proclaiming that he won’t allow anyone to die. Since then, no new information about the movie has appeared. Meanwhile, fans are left speculating when the movie will actually air, if it’ll hit international theaters, and most of all, when season two is coming out. 

What we do know is that according to the movie’s website, Ufotable will continue providing the animation. We’re sure to see even more stunning and memorable scenes from the studio also known as “Unlimited Budget Works.” Most importantly, Haruo Sotozaki, who directed the Demon Slayer anime, will also be directing the movie. Akira Matsushima will also be returning as the character designer. Unfortunately, a release date for the film hasn’t been announced yet but we’re sure to hear more soon!

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